Coming Soon: adidas Originals ZX 420 ‘Quotoole’


Anyone that loves shoes will appreciate this story. A tale where a dream became a reality for two guys doing a personal project (adidas sneaker book) for the love it. That love gave them a chance to do what you see here. The ‘Quotoole’.  A collaboration between a passionate vintage adidas collector named Quote and illustrator Peter O’Toole. Their idea was to take a zx 420, the adidas Denver’s colorway, which is Quotes favorite adi pair, and reintroduce the CW you see above. What you get is a vintage feel that’s dressed in classic suede and mesh…

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Grand Opening: Patta Precinct 5 – part 1 of 2

This weekend will see the grand opening of the premier retail boutique Precinct 5 located at Amsterdam in the Netherlands. If you live in Amsterdam, you may have seen the pre-grand opening to invited guest only yesterday. As for you, the consumer, you’ll have to wait until the weekend. Patta, EnPLUS, Stussy oh my!

Check the new Patta projects after the jump, with a preview of their new brand.

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A.P.C. x Supreme "Fuck Em" Collection

* Update : 10.03.2009: They just Re-Uped stock on the denim at A.P.C instore and online.

Retail boutique Supreme and French label A.P.C. have released the official date for their collaboration. The set includes a pair of A.P.C. New Standard and Petite Standard denim (Japan canvas red selvedge). Than, the set completes with a shirt in 2 different print colors.

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Uniqlo "Japan Raw Selvidge Denim"

I’ve been looking into buying some “Raw Denim”. I have looked at many companies but two that stuck out were “EDWIN” and “Nudie”. One thing I didn’t realize was how expensive it was. Raw denim can go as cheap as $80 to upwards of $300. Pretty damn expensive for some denim right? Well, after some research I realized why some of these companies have these prices. For a good example, go to (They have a video tab that has some interesting videos on their denim).

So, after my few weeks of long research, I was about to purchase some Edwin denim, as they were a bit cheaper to find in the price range compared to Nudie. But still, I decided to wait a bit before I pulled the trigger on an online order. I’m glad I did because yesterday (5.28.09), I went into Manhattan NYC to return some shirts I bought at Macys and Topman.  On my way back from Topman, I took a swing by UNIQLO. One of my favorite shops for graphic t-shirts. I was looking at their new summer line of tee’s, when I came across a sign above some denim on display that said “Japan Raw Selvidge Denim”. Holy gold mines! I couldn’t believe my eyes. Even better was the price, $79.50! They had 2 different models; “Slim Regular Fit” and “Straight Regular Fit” in either dark indigo or black. I picked up both colors in the straight cut and headed home.

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