AVF: Patta x KangaROOS Contest – My Submission

Here’s my submission for the Patta x KangaROOS contest (I didn’t win, but I was an ‘Honorable mention‘). The idea behind the photo is pretty simple. Since I used the Patta x Parra AM1 for an on-foot capture in a location at night, I made sure that the picture would be very colorful. Just as Parra is an artist and uses specific hues for his canvases, I made sure the photograph had a similar feel in that sense. This also gave me an opportunity to finally use a new tool I just added to my bag, the Gorilla Pod DSLR Zoom with Ball head (Also ordered the GorillaTorch Blade yesterday). After using it that night, I know now how big of a role and how important this tool will be to me.  In any case, check out the full image and congrats to the winner…

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Video: EUKicks Presents: Timothy Sabojo of Patta Talks Kicks

Now that Patta is back from their time off of collaborations, the boys over at EUKicks visit the Patta store for a small Q & A with one part Patta team member Timothy Sabojo. In the video you will be able to see and hear Tim speak about the sneaker game then and now. He also provides info into two of their up and coming collaborations. He doesn’t mention the ASICS one either…

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Video: Precinct 5 x NSFW Run Unleashed

We all know Patta for their great designs and collaborations in the shoe world. Specifically working with running shoes and a few other non running products, they enter the world of Nike Stadium with it’s own running division for NSFW. They will also have Precinct 5 as host to NSFW Clubhouse installations and running-related products.

Check the video after the break and I wonder what running related products they will choose to work with…

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Grand Opening: Patta Precinct 5 – part 1 of 2

This weekend will see the grand opening of the premier retail boutique Precinct 5 located at Amsterdam in the Netherlands. If you live in Amsterdam, you may have seen the pre-grand opening to invited guest only yesterday. As for you, the consumer, you’ll have to wait until the weekend. Patta, EnPLUS, Stussy oh my!

Check the new Patta projects after the jump, with a preview of their new brand.

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