Available: Nike Roshe Run FB Yeezy (Fútbol)

Nike Roshe Run FB 16 (1)

Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker ©2013

The Nike Roshe Run is my new favorite model by Nike in recent years. It’s right up there next to another model I really like, the Inneva. Both released last year in 2012, but honestly, I think the Roshe is better for many reasons, but I will not go into that in this post. The hype alone should let you know how cracked out people really are for them. Even re-released colors of the sport red, black and iguana sold out when people saw them around in stores. Who would have thought? A very basic and simple silhouette made up of mesh and a large ‘Phylon’ foam piece selling out around the world instantly in certain color combos. So what happens when Nike releases a make-up that ghostly resembles the Nike Air Yeezy? You get kids cracked out, missing out on school and lining up at Nike’s very own 21 Mercer to a cruel April Fools joke and one that had me rolling with laughter when someone put me on to the photo….

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