Customizer: Nike iD x Vagrant Sneaker Free 3.0 “Colors Around NYC” PT. 3 of 3

Nike iD vagrantsneaker 2

Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker ©2013

Back in March of this year Nike iD invited me to take part in a private online design session. They gave me the duties of finding inspiration from anything to create a color-way for the new Nike Free iD builder with the engineered mesh. Without hesitation, I took on the project. What you see here is the fruition from a few photographers I took around the East Village, NOHO, Soho and China Town in lower Manhattan, NYC. Out of the four photos I submitted to Nike iD, I decided to focus on two that inspired me the most. One is this truck parked in NOHO and the other is this mosaic light pole in the East Village. It’s these images that scream New York City to me by representing the artsy, colorful and dark nature of NYC. Originally, I wanted to use blues, orange and black to showcase my interpretation of NYC. But, I chose not too because it’s what most people would use an ideal color-way for NYC…

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Customizer: Nike iD x Vagrant Sneaker “Colors Around NYC” PT. 2 of 3


The Nike iD that dawns the color-way I designed with NIke iD through a video chat has finally arrived. I’ll be out this weekend shooting them in the place where I got the inspiration from. This was a lot of fun to do and the colors will not be as obvious as you may think. For now, here’s the photo I posted on my Instagram…

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Customizer: Nike iD x Vagrant Sneaker “Colors Around NYC” PT.1 of 3

new york city, colors in nyc,

I was recently invited by Nike iD to take part in creating a color-way for the new Nike Free iD. In this case, I chose the Nike Free 3.0 iD with its engineered mesh. The session was a 1 on 1 video chat with one of their iD staff members. Knowing that I like to design my color-ways by taking inspiration from around me, they gave me a simple and fun assignment. Go and create photographs that I could translate into a CW for the Nike Free iD. With the word Free in mind, I went about and took photographs of objects that were filled with color in NYC. The outcome is what you see above in the 4 photos. To make it easier, I decided to pick two of the photos for my design. The truck and the light post…

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Exclusive: Nike Air Max 1 HyperFuse iD Samples

Here are some images of the Nike Air Max 1 Hyperfuse iD that just launched on Nike iD. The palette allows you to choose from twelve colors only applicable to limited areas of the shoe. Black, White, Natural Grey are accessible for both the mesh and mid-sole. You also get Volt as the only color available to the mid-sole and Tumbled Grey for the mesh. The one main thing that has drastically changed for this model, besides the materials, is the way you color block the shoe. Gone are the options of choosing the back, side and front overlays. Could be a good thing or a bad thing, but it all comes down to how creative you can get with it. In any case, check out a few detailed images of the new silhouette and make them now at Nike iD or your nearest Nike iD Studio like, Niketown NYC

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Exclusive: Nike Air Max 1 iD Denim and Cords Samples -Fall 2011

Get ready to take a look at five different samples for the the next update of the Nike Air Max 1 iD. You’ll get to see the denim (canvas), exclusive corduroy option for in-studio only, the gum bottom and some colors off the palette. I made sure I gave you enough views of the toe-box also…

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