Customizer: Nike iD x Vagrant Sneaker “Colors Around NYC” PT.1 of 3

new york city, colors in nyc,

I was recently invited by Nike iD to take part in creating a color-way for the new Nike Free iD. In this case, I chose the Nike Free 3.0 iD with its engineered mesh. The session was a 1 on 1 video chat with one of their iD staff members. Knowing that I like to design my color-ways by taking inspiration from around me, they gave me a simple and fun assignment. Go and create photographs that I could translate into a CW for the Nike Free iD. With the word Free in mind, I went about and took photographs of objects that were filled with color in NYC. The outcome is what you see above in the 4 photos. To make it easier, I decided to pick two of the photos for my design. The truck and the light post…

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