Exclusive: Nike Air Max 1 "West – Red" ND – Detailed Photos



* Update: 09.21.09: These are dropping at quick-strike accounts now!

If your a fan of the Nike Air Max 1, you can say it’s been of a hit and miss 2009 for the iconic model. We have seen interesting concepts like the “Seer Sucker” and the Sneakers BR “Lanceiro –  Brazil“. We also saw the very fast selling release Air Max 1 OG ’87 QS in “Sport Red” and “Varsity Blue”. Here we have the Nike Sportswear Air Max 1 – “West” which is in a Nike series called “East vs West”. You may have caught a glimpse of the shoe in the Nike Sportswear Air Max Fall ’09 Preview.

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Nike Air Force 1 – Street Style Borrows From Performance

We seen a lot of different colorways from Nike within the last two years on the Air Force 1. Some impressive, others bland, and some seen before. The one question I have always asked and had numerous conversations about is, “Where does Nike sometimes get their c/w’s (colorway) from?”. Do they go to different lines of their product and see what other teams are doing?  Maybe look at food labeling and packaging? Well, here’s a glimpse into where Nike has taken c/w inspirations for the Air Force 1’s recent releases in 2008 and 2009.

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Nike Air 180 QS " Ultramarine" retro 2009

I’ve had these since release and haven’t had the time to write about it or post the photos (I still haven’t worn them either). This is the retro release of the very popular, classic and iconic Air 180 originally released in 1992. This shoe was created by the one and only Tinker Hatfield, that built an even larger visible air unit into this shoe (it contains 50% more air than previous Air Max shoes.) with a clear sole that covered the Air unit, so anyone could visibly see the air from 180 degrees. Hence the name, Air 180. The sneaker was released for only one year and came in a few c/w’s, than vanished. A lot of sneakerheads slept on the OG release and most that cared at the time, gobbled up the second release, but since than a lot of peoples interest in the shoe, like myself, has gotten stronger. This third release (first official for Australia) in it’s original colorway, will no doubt be big (especially since it is a quick-strike release).

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Nike Air Maxim 1 + "Sport Red"

Look at what UPS just dropped at my house. The Nike Air Maxim 1 + ! Been waiting for these since January 12, 2009. That’s when a sample pic got leaked on the net that I saw on a blog. These are really comfortable and light. The “thing” Nike is going for in this shoe. I popped them on and went for a walk in the park and I really had no complaints. Real light on the feet. They are a little tighter than I anticipated. *( The one thing I did notice though was that the side of the toes box, where your pinkie toe is, is very close and tight to that side of the foot. If you have wide feet like me, you may want to try them on first or go .5 higher than what you normally wear. Just a suggestion)*. It will obviously stretch out, but to each his own. The added fly-wire on these add a certain aesthetic and comfort that I believe work for this shoe. Nike wants us to believe that this adds a certain comfort and support for the overall foot. I believe it does work. You notice the difference and you feel it.

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Don't Mess with my "TOFU" robot!

I’m a VERY BIG fan of graphic tee-shirt’s. You’ll notice, that I will look for the right t-shirt to match my sneakers; You can catch what I wear at my sneakerplay blog or my flickr page. You can find the links on the middle top right of my blog under “Pages”. When I mean the right t-shirt, I mean very specific and unique. I will not buy your average t-shirt like a lot of people do in comercial shops. I’m into indie companies when it comes to cloth or small boutiques that cater to limited and special edition shirts. Yes it can be expensive (anywhere from $15.50 to $38 per t-shirt), but It’s worth it to me. When I put an outfit together, and make heads turn and look, it’s all worth the loot. Now I’m not boosting here, but it’s good to know that some actually compliment what I wear. In this very fast moving fashin centric New York, you have to stand out of the norm. With that said…

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