Video: Nike Air Max 90 “I Am The Rules”

Since it is the 20th anniversary of the Nike Air Max 90, Nike is celebrating it with many things to come. Here is a Nike and Footlocker video called “I Am The Rules”. The title stands for the athletes from around the world that took risks and stood out because of the way they did things. In the video you can catch, Arsharvin, Chamakh and Okaka sporting the exclusive Air Max 90 color-way for Footlocker Europe. No info if these will make it to US soil yet. Stay tuned…

Check some images of the shoe after the break


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Fresh Look: Nike Air Max 90 iD “Koi Fish Pack” 1 of 2 – 2010

-Larger image of the above here

Just as the Nike Air Max 1 iD “Spring Options” released, the Air Max 90 silently released a few updates to it’s own palette. So silent, that the Nike iD studio had no idea about them and ,as you can see, I silently ordered one. So, take a Fresh Look journey with me on the idea behind this iD and more importantly, what the quality is like.

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Don't Mess with my "TOFU" robot!

I’m a VERY BIG fan of graphic tee-shirt’s. You’ll notice, that I will look for the right t-shirt to match my sneakers; You can catch what I wear at my sneakerplay blog or my flickr page. You can find the links on the middle top right of my blog under “Pages”. When I mean the right t-shirt, I mean very specific and unique. I will not buy your average t-shirt like a lot of people do in comercial shops. I’m into indie companies when it comes to cloth or small boutiques that cater to limited and special edition shirts. Yes it can be expensive (anywhere from $15.50 to $38 per t-shirt), but It’s worth it to me. When I put an outfit together, and make heads turn and look, it’s all worth the loot. Now I’m not boosting here, but it’s good to know that some actually compliment what I wear. In this very fast moving fashin centric New York, you have to stand out of the norm. With that said…

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