OnMyFeet: Nike Air Max 1 iD “Blue Sparkk”

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It’s been a while since I hit my Nike iD stack. Looking at my designs, I remember that this one never really got a lot of rotation. So, I took it out and memories of when these were made came to mind. The main one being that these came from the best palette launched for the Nike Air Max 1 iD when you compare it to the current ones. They had such nice hues up back than in 2010. This AM1 is also part of a pack I made that included another shoe called  “Yellow Sparkk”. Check out the other image…

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Customizer: Nike Air Max 1 iD “PORG”

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After some time on holding these back, you’ll get to see detailed images of my latest Nike iD. For me, this is one of my best designs and one that has been a long time coming. I like it so much, that I may do another one with a similar color blocking. Especially now that the AM1 options have changed and that Mineral Blue is available. Check out detailed images of the shoe and where the inspiration came from…

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Available: Nike Air Max 1 iD Fall Options Update 2

Back in October, I gave you an exclusive preview of three up and coming colors for the Nike Air Max 1 iD with the Fall Options. At the time I didn’t have a release date, but you can head to Nike iD and play with these three new colors now. Chlorine Blue, Solar Flare and Voltage Cherry can now be put to good use and I bet Chlorine Blue will probably get the most attention. They also added another mid-sole hue in the form of Obsidian. No air bag color updates and only one more Mesh in the Solar Flare option….

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Customizer: Nike iD Extra Laces

Something I forgot to mention in my Fresh Look Report. Nike iD gives you the option for a second pair of free laces now. All you do is click the laces on the iD builder and you can choose two laces in whatever colors are available for that shoe. I believe this only applies for the newer or updated iD’s. Sorry, but I’m not about to go through every single Nike iD. Also, as you can see, they come in the nice Nike lace bag.

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Customizer: Nike Air Max 1 iD “Orange Peel”

My second Nike Air Max 1 iD called ‘Orange Peel‘ showed up yesterday. If you read my Fresh Look report on these new options, you would already notice something familiar with these. The make-up is almost the same. Right down to the use of the Crepe out-sole option. Click ahead as I explain a little more about this design…

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