Release Reminder: Reebok x Hanon Classic Leather “3 Castles”


Hanon is back with a second iteration of the Reebok Classic leather. Last year they released the “Leopards” colorway and this year they follow that up with their “3 Castles” CW.  The shoe retains the same color blocking as the previous pair, but in green, grey and red hues. Like all their shoes, the inspiration comes from their home base. It shares the same story as the ‘Leopards‘, but focuses on the castles and hills of the Crest. Therefore,  you have green and red pigskin suede at the toe and heel areas, while grey embodies the shoes inner upper representing grey bricks. The last accent to finish of the tale is the inclusion of a granite speckle to the ankle liner….

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Release INFO: Reebok x Hanon Classic Leather “Aberdeen Leopards”


From the image on the Sneaker Freaker magazine cover, to seeing Travis Scott wear them over a month ago, Hanon’s Reebok Classic Leather is finally here and in short notice. Picked to be part of the ‘Certified Network’, Hanon received an opportunity to design a colorway on the ‘Classic Leather’ celebrating 30 years. As with all their projects, Hanon once again took inspiration from their hometown in Aberdeen. This time they recall history from the times of Robert The Bruce and draw upon the City’s crest which dawns two leopards holding a shield. It’s a symbolic piece seen throughout Aberdeen and its resident homes. Hence, why this silhouette’s CW is fashioned to resemble them. Accents like the leopard spots on the ankle collar, footbed and inner back part of the tongue are a definite hint to that. The added super lux pig suede in golden yellow further entices the design accompanied by red hints on the outsole, heel cap and tongue that represent the red shield. Lastly, the tan perforated suede of the same material fills the remainder of the shoe representing the leopards under body. Details also include some old school woven labels, multiple laces, a classic sunburst perforated toe-box and branding throughout…

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Exclusive: Saucony x Hanon Shadow Master “The Midnight Runner”

Hanon Shadow master 2 - 1

Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker ©2013

Just like my previous exclusive photo look at Hanon’s first Saucony Shadow Master, I present you with part deuce. The shoes were shot in the same location, but in a different area to tell this story of “The Midnight Runner”. A shoe with a colorway inspired from hues that represent the changing colors of the creeping night. Like it’s brother, it’s made from lush suede materials, leather and 3M accents throughout the silhouette. The CW, with it’s rich colors, blend in well for all you wandering night owls. It’s also the perfect companion to the original Hanon ‘Shadow Master’. A Saucony model built from one part ‘Master Control’ and one part ‘Shadow 5000’ to create a new breed of lifestyle runner. One that is functional in both daily walks or runs. But really, who’s gonna run them? Only those running from bad deeds…

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Coming Soon: Saucony x Hanon Shadow Master “The Midnight Runner”


The lads in Aberdeen are back and introducing an interesting shoe dubbed, “The Midnight Runner”. Most will remember the counter part pair, the original Shadow Master released this past February. A very well received shoe by fans worldwide and this no doubt will follow in that same path. The make-up is identical to the OG Shadow Master. You’ll get beautiful pigskin suede, smooth perforated leather, 3 pairs of laces, a dust bag, 3M accents and the Saucony Shadow 5000 mid-sole unit. Added to the package this time around is the inclusion of special edition hooped trainer socks. The colorway is also similar to the original stealthy orange, grey and black. This time Hanon uses some deep and rich blues with a touch of black to offset the colors and make them pop. Here the shoes dawn a white lace setup, but I bet the black pair will make these a bit stealthier overall….

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Video: Clarks x Hanon “Traxter Ventile”

Coming Soon- Clarks x Hanon “Traxter Ventile1

As we get close to Hanon’s Clark Traxter Ventile launch, a nice video presentation of the shoe is released. The shoe is worn and walked around in an abandoned house and ends up near a lake as the story comes to an end. You’ll also view hints throughout the video that guide interpretation of what the shoe essence is. We definitely need more footwear videos from other brands like this. I find that it adds a nice substance to the shoe you cant possibly find in photos. Kudos to Hanon for always being ahead of the game and really helping us understand their creations to its fullest. Enjoy!…

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