Release INFO: ASICS x AFEW Gel Lyte lll “Koi”


I had to take a break from my current photo campaign to write about this collaboration. It’s one that many questioned whether it would ever see the light of day. Spring forward from 2012 to 2015 and it’s finally here; originally seen back in 2012 as a hand made 1 of 1 at an event AFEW had in Germany.  The ASICS x AFEW GLlll “KOI” colorway looks exactly as it did 3 years ago. It dawns the same red, grey, white and black hues, but with some upgraded accents and details. Some of these are the tan hue to the heel tab, wood-like eyelets, marbled front outsole, leather split tongue and perforated side panels. This is definitely a more complete ‘story’ to the original and even though we will not see the OG shape from 2012, you can’t complain to what has been presented here…

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Exclusive: ASICS Gel Lyte lll Collaborations 2015


Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker ©2015

Here’s a nice treat for my readers and a nice gift from a friend. What I present is a list of collaborations from ASICS GLlll X Brand? for 2015. You’ll read a description for each one and the estimated month they will come out. So, without further ado, let’s talk HYPE..

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F.O.T.B.: ASICS Gel Lyte lll “Black and Tan”

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Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker ©2013

ASICS has been on a good roll this year with their general releases. One that is very welcomed to see. My favorite from the brand for 2013 so far is the Gel Saga “Black Mint”. Now on the heels of the Fall weather we get treated to a colorway that compliments it perfectly. Especially for the likes of the October Holiday. Dressed in deep and rich colors with subtle accents, you’d be hard pressed to not like what you see here. You have perfect complimentary colors, grey accents to break off the black, minimal splatter (yes!) and a decorous cream colored mid-sole. To top it off and surprisingly, these are really comfortable. In my experience the GLlll is one of those shoes that isn’t. Looking further into it I would say the new in-sole and softer mid-sole foam have made things better. Of course, the shoe is all synthetic and there’s nothing wrong with that. Especially when they look this good. In fact, they look better than a lot of ASICS collaborations from this year and last. I also noticed that this pair fit a bit snuggier than normal. Some of you out there may want to try on a pair if you can. I stuck to my normal 11 and have no problem with it personally, but those that want a little more room may want to go half up (considering thicker socks for the cold weather). Enjoy the rest of the Fresh Out The Box images and good luck finding a pair. These are selling well and out in the US. Zappos currently has a full size run and is the only store out of the 8 I normally check with pairs left.

On another note….I just received one of the most anticipated GLlll for 2013. The dubbed “Captain Blue”. Hope to have those photos up very soon.

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Release INFO: ASICS x Ronnie Fieg GLlll “Flamingo”

ronnie fieg asics flamingo 6

Mr. Ronnie Fieg is back at it again. After his successful ECP drop it was only a matter of time before we saw his next ASICS launch. This time he takes the ASICS Gel Lyte lll through another story from his love of Miami, Florida. A tale we also saw by his drop of the GLlll “Miami”. Dubbed the “Flamingo”, after the actual animal, RF says the grey/beige nubuck upper is a representation of the bird before it turns pink or orange. The salmon hints on the tiger stripes out-sole tip, laces, and other accents mimic the birds color of pink or orange. You’ll also see a nice contrast from hints of blue through out the silhouette that could be part of the beautiful blue water of Florida. Noted features in this premium shoe come by the way of two new highlights. One we saw on the ECP ASICS by way of the very much welcomed memory foam footbed. This added a much needed comfort to the GLlll because it’s one of the least comfortable retro running models out there. The other has RF finally moving away from his favorite cotton ankle lining. A neoprene material replaces it and makes it stand out a bit more by adding to the already premium suede on the shoe. A nice compliment and one I personally prefer. Cotton isn’t always the best. Sometimes you have to venture beyond the common practice…

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Available: Asics GTll and GLlll @

Available now at, are various ASICS GTll’s and Gel Lyte lll’s for you’re choosing. There are some nice and serious  heat  color-ways that may have passed you by, or you may have forgotten to pick-up. No worries. Since Ronnie Fieg has such a strong relationship with ASICS, rest assured you now have a place in the US and web where you will be able to find GR and top tier ASICS. What you’ll find listed come in numerous meshes and suedes. Some styles are more limited than others, so don’t wait. Grab them at KithNY and KithBK as well as online at today at 11am Est. First come, first served. Check out the photos of the models ahead and good luck…

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