Nike Air Max 1 '87 "Varsity Blue" Quickstrike Release

*Update 3: 10.27.09, Added new store after the jump.

*Update 2: 10.19.09, These are not coming to the states. So get these while you can. Added new store after the jump

*Update 1: 9.15.09, Second store added after the jump.

So it looks like the Nike Air Max 1 ’87 “Varsity Blue” may be dropping after all. So much confusing as to whether they were dropping or not may be put to an end. I’ve had mine since June 27, 2009 and really liked them a lot. How did I get them? Well, these with the Sport Red, were released in Asia first. When I found that out, I ordered them through RMK Store online. They are one of the online stores that get a lot of exclusive product first and they also do pre-orders (If your into the Nike Presto, they have some nice colorways up that may not hit the states).

Click the link for the AM1 “Varsity Blue ” store info

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Nike Air Maxim 1 Upper Turns Yellow

air maxim turns yellow *Update 9.10.09: I decide to make the original large images available on my Flickr as a set.

*Update 9.05.09: With some information I’ve gathered at stores, I’ve come to find out that, anything with WhiteFly-Wire” is turning yellow. Like the Nike Hyperize.

I’ve had the Air Maxim 1+, prior to release. I liked the shoe a lot from a technology stand point and was very excited to have them. Forward 2 months later and I’m every disappointed. Why? The upper on my Air Maxim shoe has some yellowing already.

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Coming Soon: Nike Lunar Runners for Spring 2010

Like running in any of the Nike Lunar model’s? Wish there were some improvements on some or curious about any new up and coming additions? If you do, Nike’s Lunar Running series for Spring 2010 may have what you’re looking for. This coming spring, Nike will add the LunarSwift + and the Lunar Elite + to the series. As well as improve on the LunarRacer + now called, Lunar Racer + 2.

More info and images after the jump…

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