Feeling rather chilly right now as I write this post. That’s because my trek to the Arctic to check out the Husky by END. had me running back to my igloo for some warmth. It was a beautiful sight to see, so I had to come back and share my experience. END’s Husky looked young and vibrant. It had a double coat of suede through out it’s upper body looking very lush. Two details that stood out while I was petting the ‘Husky’ were it’s pale blue eyes accented on the laces eyelets and parts of the outsole. The other was the Huskys tongue constantly sticking out. You can notice the color of it on the ankle liner, tongue and parts of the outsole. It’s definitely an interesting creature to look at and well worth the trip. Unfortunately, only a few will be able to get their chance at a look…

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Release INFO: Reebok x END Ventilator “Husky”


Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker ©2015

PRESTO! One of my all time favorite silhouettes from Nike. I’ve been doing a photo campaign for a brand and I needed something comfortable for the days that I’m out and about. There are only a hand full of shoes I personally like to wear for hours on in at a photo session. One of those is the Nike Air Presto because the comfort level is awesome on this model. During the last session of the day, I decided to take some photos for a cameras N sneakers post. Enjoy the rest of the images and stay tuned for my pictures of the recently released black Presto QuickStrike BR make-up…

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camerasNsneakers: Nike Air Presto


It’s been 3 years since WOEI’s ASICS “Cervidae” took the sneaker industry by storm. It made many exhausted and desperate in search of water to clear their thirst of something they wanted to own, but some couldn’t find. That’s what the European Thundra will do to you. With help from the beaming sun on your body and the reflection of the heat from the dry sand, your heart races to find some cover. Tired and parched, you go into the bushes for some shade with photos in hand that give hints into it’s location. You rest a bit before you look for the “Cervidae ll” again, because you know somewhere hidden deep within this bare land is the special prize. As you look at this photo and analyze it, you see it’s details and baffling resemblance to the original one. At the same time, you also see the shoe placed in different locations…

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Release INFO: Onitsuka Tiger x WOEI Colorado 85 “Cervidae ll”


Puff, Puff, Pass…Sneaker Freaker is back with numero dos on their collaborative effort with Saucony Originals. Rolling up is the ‘Kushwhacker’ in all it’s purple glory. The brother to their successful 2012 collaboration, the Bushwhacker, this seminal release will sure bring in those fans and find new ones. The silhouette comes dressed in premium shades of purple suede, black mesh, 3m, beige formstripes, round laces and a touch of grey. Cough , cough,.., the Saucony Grid hasn’t looked better than this…

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Release INFO: Saucony x Sneaker Freaker Grid “Kushwhacker”


Updated! Check out a top view of the shoe here. Launch date is June 4th.

End has once again teamed up with Reebok on what looks to be the ‘Ventilator’ model. Looking at the image, we get some sort of arctic story based on the colors and imagery. As for the animal, I can only assume it’s either an Arctic Wolf or a Dog Sled Husky; I’ll go with the latter. No other details have been released.

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Coming Soon: Reebok x END Ventilator “Husky”