Interview: stoops2stages – Angel “Vagrant Sneaker” Gonzalez


Here’s a snippet of a candid interview I did a few months back for stoops2stages. We talked about photography, how I got started with it and gave advice on the subject. I also brought along kidkutsmedia​ since he was visiting NY around the same time I was doing this…

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Video: New Balance Excellent Makers – Vagrant Sneaker

nb excelent maker 1 copy

Here it is. Almost a year after it was shot, the New Balance Excellent Makers video featuring yours truly is finally out. It took a long time for it to be released, but because it was taken in the winter, it would have looked weird seeing me in a peacoat during the late spring and summer.  This is the first time I have ever been in front of a camera, so excuse my slight nervousness in my speech; I’ve also lost a lot of weight since then. In the video you’ll see me visit North Hudson Park for a small session on a new New Balance 574 Custom and view 2 other customs which includes the massively popular NB574 “MNR2” . Also note that my equipment has change since this video. I know shoot with a D7100 and my post process is on a 27″ iMac with a second monitor. Without further ado, here is my story…

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Video: New Balance – Tea Pack Release Party At End

new balance tea party at end copy

New Balance UK recently released a 3 pack of the 576 model dressed in lush pigskin suede and premium accents. The set is actually inspired by the three most popular teas at the NB factory in Flimby; Peppermint (my favorite), English Breakfast, and Earl Grey. In the box you’ll also get an extra pair of laces, special lace lock and a collectible tea bag. If interested, you can find these at your closet NB specialty retailer worldwide. But, that’s not what this post is about. It’s about the quality video by CS Visuals for the End Clothing launch party of the shoes. I just wanted to share it with you, that is, if you haven’t already seen it yet. If you did, watch it again…

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Video: Braggadocios NY “CROWN”

braggadocios ny copy

Coming from the streets of New York City, up and coming brand Braggadocios hits the menswear scene with their first product. A clean black snapback with the French word “HOMME” finely stitched in white raised 3D embroidery. But, what sets this hat apart from the pack is an interesting detail in the form of a zipper that resides in the back of the cap. It comes from the company LAMPO which supplies to other high fashion brands like Prada, Chanel, Gucci Celine, etc. For me, it’s something new and different that needs to be seen to understand…

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Video: Road Test Featuring The Nike Air Max 90 EM Tokyo

Roadtest; Air Max 90 EM Tokyo

If you know of the blog, I Dig Your Sole Man, than you are familiar with the Road Test videos. Lester Jones, creator of the blog,  goes on to do small clips of the shoes he wears based on a road test. Hence, the name of the videos. In this clip he presents the Nike Air Max 90EM “Tokyo”. A rather nice looking shoe in hues of green. He includes his personal ratings, but the better part is that he’s a professional videographer. So, you know you are getting something done with experience. As with my passion of utilizing my camera to shoot shoes, he’s been doing the same with video. Great to see someone else take his profession and use sneakers as the canvas. Enjoy…

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