Sneek Peek: Up There X Delicate Run

Up There X Delicate Run 1

The word ‘Quality’ is very sparingly used in the arena of the current sneaker culture we are in. Few brands can stand in the same light when it comes to using Grade-A materials and quality control. So, when I was told that Up There  store is coming out with a collaboration with Delicate Run, a French company that hand makes the shoe from beginning to end, I was very interested in learning more…

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Sneek Peek: ASICS x Ronnie Fieg Gel Lyte V

asics ronnie fige gel lyte v

..and the teasing continues. After a small close up image posted by Ronnie Fieg of his first ASICS Gel Lyte V colorway, he drops a top view of the shoe. Materials no doubt look great and I’m personally liking the mixture of the tonal reds and oranges. For now, that’s all I will say until we get a full view of the silhouette. But, it’s looking pretty good so far and nicer than “The Cove”...

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Sneek Peek: Saucony Elite x Bodega G9 Set – 2013

small_sauconyelite_4 main

In the same trend to what Patta and Ronnie Fieg have done for ASICS, Bodega follows in the same manner with Saucony. Saucony Elite to be more specific. They started with the Shadow 5000 back in August of 2010 which included 4 color-ways in the pack. Since then, they’ve had multiple releases or what they call “Phases”. In the bundles they’ve designed make-ups on the Shadow 5000, 6000, and Jazz 91.They also resurrected the Master Control and Grid 9000 (G9) to our surprise. Through it all though, they’ve for some reason or another have decided to stick with one thing constant with their current Saucony treatments. That feature is the G9’s mid-sole. Hence, the 4 make-ups you will see with that for 2013…

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Sneek Peek: ASICS x Footpatrol Gel Saga

Seems like someone leaked a photo of the up and coming Footpatrol collaboration with ASICS and it looks pretty good. The shoe actually dawns a color-way we’ve seen before. In fact, it looks very similar to one of my favorite GR’s from this year. The Blue Bird. But that’s not a bad thing, because this is one of those color-ways that tends to always hold up. On this ASICS Gel Saga it actually looks really good. Three pretty kool accents that this make-up has is a perforated mesh upper that extends all the way to the heel area. We’re always accustomed to seeing it on the toe-box, so it’s good to see Footpatrol take it a bit further by applying it to the entire upper. Kudo points for that one. Another nice accent is the two color Tiger Stripes…

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Sneek Peek: ASICS x Solebox Gel Pack

Solebox has been very busy lately celebrating their 10th anniversary with a load of collabs out and on their way. One that has been on my radar is their ASICS Gel Pack that includes a Gel Lyte lll and a Gel Saga. The make-ups are in a sort of flip-flop color-way of Grey/Blue and Black/Blue, with perforated toe-boxes and some nice nubuck materials. Now, people have asked about this collaborations release date. Unfortunately there is no new information about this particular project, but I do have a new image of both shoes in full view. Even though I did hear something that could be disappointing, I will not mention it because I’m on a 50/50 confidence level with it. Whatever the case, I’ll let Hikmet and company reveal the details when its time for these to come out. Until then, enjoy the image and thanks to Mikee Polo for the photo.

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