Vagrant Sneaker x Eastbay “Shooting The Eastbay Cover”

Back in March 2011, I was approached by Brandon Richard of Sole Collector about a special project for Eastbay. It was in reference to photographing a shoe for the next cover of the Eastbay magazine. The idea was to take photos of a shoe worn in the format of WDYWT; What did you wear today. Being no stranger to this type of photography, I jumped face first at the opportunity that lead me to my very first camera flash image at night. Get ready for a lengthy read on how I captured The Nike Zoom Kobe Vl…

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Holiday: Happy New Year 2011

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year 2011 with their family and friends. Live it up because it only happens once a year. I would also like to thank everyone for their support, constant visits, and comments to my blog and Flickr. It means a lot to me and let’s me know that many people have an interest in what I’m doing. Shouts to Mattias, Son Of Solo, TC, Kenny, Pericles, DL, Nike iD Fam, GreG, Koen, Pyrophilly,Ol’ Greg and others. It was a huge year too with so many great shoe releases. Stay tuned for my Top Ten purchases of the year and my personal Top Ten shoes of the year. Next year will be even bigger and better than the last…

Kind Regards to all,
Angel “Vagrant Sneaker” Gonzalez

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Message: Slow Updates For The Next Few Months

Hello Everyone. I know some have been wondering what’s going on with the updates on my blog. Well, working retail for over 18 years, tis’ the season for my work load to triple for the next three and half months. Anyone that works retail now or has can understand what I mean. It’s the holiday’s which always puts me, as a store manager, on top of the crowds making sure my store and team do well with our goals. There has also been a few personal agendas that have kept me busy too. So, for now I will update the blog when I can. I hope you still come back to see any future updates and to make it easier, you can always add your e-mail to receive updates when I post them. It’s under my avatar labeled Email Subscriptions. Don’t worry, I don’t use your e-mails for anything other than the updates, which are automatically sent once I post a article. After these next 3+ months, I will go to my regular weekly updates

As far as all the questions I’ve received through my e-mail or Facebook, my apologies for the long and dragged out replies. I’ll get to you, just be patient with me because I don’t ignore any e-mails and will reply when I can. So for now, I will have to take a few steps away from the blog and take care of business so I can make that money… Money for more shoes! lol

Kind Regards to all.

Vagrant Sneaker

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