Available: adidas Originals x Barbour


adidas has teamed up with apparel brand Barbour for a collaborative three themed release. Combining each others heritage we see pieces produced with Barbours military and country feel, while adidas originals adds their sportswear look. Through out the lookbook you’ll see the three themes of ‘Country, ‘Military’, and ‘Spectator’ exclusively curated by END in the UK. They take you on a personal photographic journey that displays each jacket and trainer turned boot and/or winter weather specific. You’ll see details on the jackets like the large bellow pockets, leather trims, hoods and leather trims in a natural setting of a rainy day. Giving the viewer a perfect story for the jackets and shoes. Including the nice beeswaxed Adiwick and Johbar jackets. As for the shoes, you’ll find a nice collection of complimenting silhouettes. These include the TS Runners, GSG9 (very nice), ZX555, and the Columbia. All suited up with proper materials for the fall/winter weather…

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Customizer: New Balance 990 Custom Builder


The long-awaited update to the New Balance custom builder is finally here. The update brings forward a better user experience, new colors (some old ones gone), new model, and a new 3D render to dress up. The new silhouette they decided to add is the iconic 990. Personally, I’m a bit surprised by this new addition; it does make sense though. Seen the amount of love NB has given this model since its release and the history it bares, it was a logical step to take at this given time. Talking about time, I took a short stab at it tonight to see the new color palette and what other options, if any, were added. While doing so, I decided to take out my 2009 Nike iD “Midnight Rose” and made a rendition of it as you see above…

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Available: adidas ZX Flux “Woodland Camouflage”


Aside from the exclusive SNS camouflage ZX Flux, there was one more camouflage make-up that only released in Europe Footlockers. Today this unique pair, that was thought to be exclusive to Footlocker, is now available at adidas.com. From what I can tell it looks just like it. I did do a few comparisons through google images and I don’t see any differences. My pair is on the way and I’ll have another post with my findings. Until  then, grab yourself a pair of these camouflage bangers…

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Available: adidas EQT Cushion “Black, Red , Grey”


Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker ©2014

As some of you know, I currently have a ‘thing’ for adidas and their current retros. Including their Flux/Weave series which is fantastic. But, there is one shoe from their vaults they brought back that I really love. That silhouette is the adidas EQT Cushion; what I like to call OG CUSH on my IG. A few days ago a colorway I definitely wanted in my stacks reached our shores. It actually released a few weeks back in Europe and I was hoping it would make it out here, before I pulled the trigger at a store over there. I think this CW is a straight banger and looks great overall. Especially that dark grey mesh on the toe area that makes the shoe stand out, because it’s the only place on the entire shoe where you get that hue. It’s actually one of the main reasons I wanted the make-up. Of course, that classic CW of black, red and white is always killah. So, if you want a pair you can ahead and grab them at BODEGA and adidas.com. For those that like this silhouette, I’ll be working on a nice wallpaper when I get one more CW. Look for that in a future post. Enjoy the rest of the photos…

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Video: New Balance – Tea Pack Release Party At End

new balance tea party at end copy

New Balance UK recently released a 3 pack of the 576 model dressed in lush pigskin suede and premium accents. The set is actually inspired by the three most popular teas at the NB factory in Flimby; Peppermint (my favorite), English Breakfast, and Earl Grey. In the box you’ll also get an extra pair of laces, special lace lock and a collectible tea bag. If interested, you can find these at your closet NB specialty retailer worldwide. But, that’s not what this post is about. It’s about the quality video by CS Visuals for the End Clothing launch party of the shoes. I just wanted to share it with you, that is, if you haven’t already seen it yet. If you did, watch it again…

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