adidas zxflux pattern pack

adidas Originals has really hit the ball out the park with the ZX Flux. It’s popularity has probably surprised a lot of people out there; Including myself to a certain degree. They are playing it smart though. Dropping limited releases, by sticking to some old and new fashion trends, has had the shoe in the spotlight. Hence, this beautiful triple black tonal pattern pack from the boys over at SNS. The trio features three popular patterns in the form of black camouflage, snake skin and snow leopard; one thing to note is that any guys wanting the leopard make-up will have to convert their shoe size from women. Bummer. But, the ladies get an exclusive drop and the first women’s ZX Flux in SMU form…

I haven’t been much of a fan for any of the pattern drops. The only exception I made was for the overly hyped multi color prisms release; hyped or not, I wanted it. I can’t say the same for this exceptionally executed pattern pack. It may not have taken a lot to do what they did here, but it works effortlessly; at least when compared to a standard collaboration where you get to pick different materials. For me, I think that’s the beauty of it. Sometimes simplicity is the key to a lot of successful shoe collaborations, but it can also lead to the death of some. SNS on the other hand finessed that flawlessly here by adding their idea to the already solid foundation the ZX Flux has. They did however follow current trends that will have fans gobble these up without them being served.

There is one bad point to all of this. If you want any one of these beauties, you’re gonna have to go to the sneakersNstuff  brick and mortar Stockholm store. Yup. They are exclusive to SNS and will ONLY release there, but not all is lost. There will be a limited online drop for people like myself that don’t live anywhere near them. So, Good Luck to everyone this coming Saturday May 3rd. Box price is $109 + shipping. Enjoy the rest of the photos and catch a few more here.

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Release INFO: adidas Originals ZX Flux Pattern Pack – Sneakersnstuff Exclusive

3 thoughts on “Release INFO: adidas Originals ZX Flux Pattern Pack – Sneakersnstuff Exclusive

  1. The prisms were only hyped because they are the stand out Flux to be produced and so different from anything else out there.

    Just my opinion but many others have received the same coverage but not been as popular.

    • I’m going by the response it received out here and before finding out they were limited. Specifically in NYC. I couldn’t believe people lined up at the adidas store for a pair. Luckily, I was able to grab one with out trouble.

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