Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker ©2013

Purchased on September 19, 2012, this year + old New Balance 574 Custom has sat in a corner collecting dust until my New Balance Excellent Makers video was released. The colorway takes inspiration from a woman who was walking in front of me with a dress that had similar hues. I took a photo of her and interpreted it into what you see above. One thing I decided to use was a darker blue instead of a lighter blue/greenish hue on the bottom part of her dress (I did however add a light blue accent on the heel tab which still sticks to the original idea of the dress). I felt that the darker blue gave it a borderline look in which either gender could wear. Though these days it really doesn’t matter what color shoes are on men or women and why its called His or Hers; His or Hers. It’s  a pretty straight forward CW design….


You’ll see two different sets of photos here. The on-foot ones were taken this summer and it was when I UNDS the pair. The ones after it are from my New Balance Excellent makers video. Enjoy the photos while I set up the next posts for three other NB574 customs.

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Make your own New Balance 574 Custom


Pigskin Premium Suede



Hot Pink, Houndawg, Nearly Navy, and Fresh Blue

Made proudly in the USA.



Note: All photographs in this feature may not be distributed, transmitted, cached, reproduced or otherwise used, except with the proper regulations cited here.

Customizer: New Balance US574M1 “His Or Hers”

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