Exclusive: Saucony x Hanon Shadow Master “The Midnight Runner”

Hanon Shadow master 2 - 1

Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker ©2013

Just like my previous exclusive photo look at Hanon’s first Saucony Shadow Master, I present you with part deuce. The shoes were shot in the same location, but in a different area to tell this story of “The Midnight Runner”. A shoe with a colorway inspired from hues that represent the changing colors of the creeping night. Like it’s brother, it’s made from lush suede materials, leather and 3M accents throughout the silhouette. The CW, with it’s rich colors, blend in well for all you wandering night owls. It’s also the perfect companion to the original Hanon ‘Shadow Master’. A Saucony model built from one part ‘Master Control’ and one part ‘Shadow 5000’ to create a new breed of lifestyle runner. One that is functional in both daily walks or runs. But really, who’s gonna run them? Only those running from bad deeds…

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