Nike Roshe Run iD Blue monday 1

Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker ©2013

I got a lot of nice feedback on my first Nike Roshe Run iD posted over a week ago on Facebook, Instagram and here. I appreciate the positive remarks and the people that said they were remaking those. Today, I present you with the second pair called “Blue Monday”. This one is interesting because the original color-way I designed was slightly different from this. It was actually Fusion Red, instead of the hyper blue. The change actually happened when I saw the Roshe Run sample with that hue. It looked great in person and I decided to use that instead of the fusion red. To add some contrast to the hyper blue and arctic green, some light blue was added to the ankle liner and laces. This accent was added to give a break off between both the hyper blue and arctic green on the tongue. The last detail you’ll see is the neutral grey swoosh which was put there to add some separation and pop between the upper, mid-sole and ankle liner….

Nike Roshe Run iD Blue monday 2

This Roshe Run iD had no inspiration and the name came from designing it on a Monday and an old song from New Order of the same name.. It was just a simple idea that was changed for the better o the spot. The original red and mint combo was originally a refection from a Nike Air Max 1 iD from 2010 that I never ordered. Almost 3 years later I almost pulled the trigger again, but got stopped in my tracks again. Personally, I like the blue better and think the arctic green is a great compliment to that hue. Again, I’m very happy with the results of this Nike iD. As I said in my previous post about this Nike iD, I think it’s a good start to something that will be very popular with fans as better options and colors are introduced in the future. Quality is on point so far and only future wears will tell how well they hold up. Enjoy the photos!

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Customizer: Nike Roshe Run iD “Blue Monday”

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