About two months ago a friend of mine sent me this image for the Nike iD Flyknit. At first, I told him it was most likely fake. We went through some lengthy discussion about why I thought so. Both of us agreed on some points and others not so much. Afterwards, I put some more thought into it and decided to do some digging because it all started to make sense and eventually, come together. If you think about it, Nike iD has been home to many Nike silhouettes we would have never seen years ago. Like key name basketball shoes Jordan, Kobe, Lebron, etc. Nike even released a few models on Nike iD before they hit retailers for consumers to buy. To my surprise, I even came across these Nike iD for toddlers while I was at the studio designing my Roshe Runs. Whats next? iD’s for dogs. Crazy right? Well, not so much. Why wouldn’t Nike put up their latest technology and popular shoe that’s doing very well for them. Just like The Roshe Run iD it makes sense for Nike to churn out this models because Nike iD has become a huge hub for fans, corporate iD parties, families and school sports teams. Every year it gets bigger and bigger. They also started an official Tumblr where you can submit your own Nike iD photos to display…

So the big question is if this image is real or fake. That’s something I can’t tell you, but the fonts do look legit and the racer is a Flyknit. Than again, many people out there can put this together easily in Photoshop. The one major doubt I have is why the racer? Why not the Flyknit Trainer + or One ? It’s odd to me that Nike would use the racer as the silhouette to iD, but we’ve seen odder things from Nike in the past. Like taking 3 years to put OG mesh as an option on the Air Max 90 iD. Anway, enough of my blabbering. Your here to find out if I have any solid enough about this being fact of fiction. Before I give that answer up, lets talk about what type of options you’ll get. As for the mid-sole I think there will only be a white and black option with being able to color the tubing between the Flyknit upper and mid-sole or maybe the tubing will be colorized when you pick one of the silhouettes upper. As for the upper, I have a feeling it’s going to be very similar to what the AM1 and AM90 HyperFusion iD’s were. Those builders were very limited in letting you create a color-way. You could only pick two parts of the upper to use if I recall correctly. This means that if it’s the same scenario for the Flyknit, you can expect it to look like what you see on store shelves. I doubt you’ll be able to use multiple hues on the upper. For example, something like a rainbow color-way. If anything, it’ ll let you use 3 colors max. 2 parts upper and 1 part swoosh.

I want to point out that the above is just an assumption of what I personally think the iD will consist off. Going by the technology and what color-ways we’ve seen so far, that’s what makes sense to me. Now lets get to the point about why I waited almost 2 months to write about this. If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I will not post anything unless I have solid info. So it’s safe to say that I do because here I am writing this blog post. Come summer (June 2013) you can expect to see the Nike iD Flyknit hit the builder. The price point from what I was told will be around $200-220 but that’s tentative because shit happens and things do change according to whatever Nike wants to do. So there you have it and you know where you heard it first. Who’s excited?

The info is pretty solid and I trust my sources because they’ve only let me down once and I hope this is not the second time, but please read below…

READ->*Nike has the right to change anything here. The news I’m provided comes with dates, but obviously it’s so early that Nike could change them. They do it all the time, so don’t be surprised if it does happen or if Nike decides to take away some options/shoes. Everything here could be subject to change.

Exclusive: Nike iD Flyknit

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