roshe run id urban volt 8

Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker ©2013

After a month of waiting for my Nike Roshe Run iD’s, I can finally share 1 of 2 color-way designs I put together. Before I talk about the design inspiration, I have to say that the quality of the product is as good as I would have hoped it to be. Just good Ol’ Roshe in it’s pure form of mesh and foam. True Roshe Run fans wouldn’t want it it any other way. It’s one of the reasons this shoe is so popular and has spawned consumers everywhere. Right down to brothers, sisters and even mom and pops. To add more fuel to that fire, Nike came out with the Nike iD version of the shoe that has seen a lot of love from many fans. Including two orders from me…

roshe run id urban volt 2

This Roshe Run color-way design drew it’s inspiration from a pair of camouflage pants I own. By combining legion green with volt I was able to mimic what I saw in those pants. To make the shoe pop more in the back, I added a black toe. This would draw your attention to that volt pop more. Instead of using the white sail mid-sole which doesn’t look white but more of a slight off white, I chose to go with the neutral grey mid-sole to keep it cleaner. I felt the white sail midsole would have looked off because I didn’t like the way it looked against the black mesh. However, if I would’ ve gone with a full legion green upper instead of the black toe, the white sail would have been a nicer touch. I say this because they did have a sample at the Nike iD studio with legion green suede and and a white sail mid-sole that looked good combined. Maybe it’s something I will revisit if I decide to make a suede pair with this legion green hue because I really like the way it looks. It’s very different from the iguana hue which is a bit lighter then this. Also note that the volt in these photos look more yellow then the electric green hue and it’s a bit toned down on purpose from the actual color. In the flesh, its just as bright as you would expect volt to be. I added black laces to break up the legion green on the tongue lace tab to keep the black and green combo going ( My second choice of laces that came in were in the legion green). I also wanted to keep the volt on the swoosh only and the inside ankle liner. The idea is to make it seem as it’s protruding out because it’ s part of that inside color. The bases of an illusion you can say. As for keeping the back tab legion green, I wanted that area to be clean and not take away from the focus points of the volt. Instead, I kept it green as to give off the ‘illusion’ again of it coming out to the front tongue lace tab. I did try to make it volt, but it didn’t look right and threw off the design. As for the name, I came up with it on the spot at Nike iD (shrugs shoulders).

roshe run id urban volt 6

Overall, I’m more than happy with the turnout of this pair of Nike iD’s. My expectations on the quality is good so far when it comes to not being riddled with glue stains, having a crooked upper, bad stitching, having an off centered swoosh and tongue tag, and most importantly, shape. These are the ‘standards’ that I look for in my customs from all brands and I have to say that I couldn’t find anything wrong with them. But, we’ll have to see what the future holds with this pair when it comes to wearability. The one thing I will be paying very close attention to is the chipping of the mid-sole paint. This is something Nike has been knowing for in the last few years with new and retro models they’ve released. Nike iD not being an exception because some of my Nike AM1 iD’s from 2009 -2010 have been chipping in the mid-sole area. I wish they would just use better quality paint because Nike iD is not cheap and I would expect my investments to last and not crumble within a few months of purchase and only a few times of being out on the concrete.

For those still on the fence, I highly recommend this product. If you’re a fan of Roshe Run, than save some extra cash so you can design your own 1 of 1 color-way. Maybe none of the current palette colors don’t intrigue you now, but I’m sure Nike has some nice hues lined up including a slew of material options coming in the near future. Until then, keep the shoes on your feet. Enjoy the photos, the gif and I’ll have the second pair up very soon….

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roshe run id urban volt 10

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Customizer: Nike Roshe Run iD “Urban Volt”

12 thoughts on “Customizer: Nike Roshe Run iD “Urban Volt”

  1. Great summary and nice iD as well. Still loving the subtleties I always notice in your care for compositions. Keep it up man, can’t wait to see the next pair.

    • Thanks Sullivan. Always great to hear you see what I’m doing. A lot of people love my photography, but don’t understand why it’s good. There’s so much work and thought behind each session that hearing this come from another photographer lets me know its appreciated.

      • anytime. you really know how to stay focused on the right colors ive noticed – especially on these shooting at sundown for that yellow/green bokeh to match .

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  3. These are amazing… I can’t make them on NikeID but I was wondering if anyone knew where I could buy them from????

  4. Any idea why they stopped these colours availability, the volt and legion green? And the heel is no longer customisable, must be the same as the toe… ><

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