Solebox is back with their next collaboration for 2013 and it’s an interesting one to say the least. As part of the Reebok Classic Leather 30th anniversary Solebox was one of the few chosen to participate in the history making; We seen a few of these collabs throughout 2013 and so far they’ve all been real good. To add to that history, Solebox took the Reebok Classic and added their own touch of history. They designed the color-way of the shoe with their trademark color-blocking. For those in the dark that have no clue what I’m talking about, Solebox were the creators of the colored toe and dark upper design. A color blocking we see many brands and shoe customizers copy and use today. So what better way to make a statement and also take inspiration from a bird called the Sturnella Militaris to create a great looking shoe. One made from premium materials that include leather, suede, oiled nubuck and 3M reflective…


As you can see above, the simple color blocking really makes this shoe stand out with that pop of red and overlaying black. To add a nice separation in the back of the shoe, a touch of reflective material is added to break up the monotony. There’s really nothing more to say about this great looking make-up and color blocking that just doesn’t get old.. Again, Solebox comes through with another must have that many fans will be camping out for and hoping to get their hands on. Note that that there’re only 100 pairs that will be available at the Solebox retail store first on the 25th of MAY. After that, it will hopefully make it’s way online that day, but don’t hope so hard because it’s not confirmed. I would also expect these to show up at other retailers through out respectively. A classic shoe made-up classic again by Solebox. Good luck!


Coming Soon: Reebok Classic Leather x Solebox “Sturnella Militaris”

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