Mitch Feinberg On His Boston Magazine Marathon Tribute Cover


April 15th 2013 has forever been embedded in our heads as the day of the tragic Boston Marathon bombing. To pay tribute to the city and honor those caught in the chaotic event, Boston Magazine hired Mitch Feinberg to create the photograph above. Yes, those are the shoes in the heart shape that belonged to some of the people that ran the traditional yearly (117th) event when the bombing occurred. The magazine reached out to the runners and asked if they could donate their shoes to tell the story for the cover above and consequently, the back of the magazine. Receiving about 120 pairs in total, the project for this important photograph began…

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Podcast: SDMR Podcast – New Balance

SDMR podcast

If you’ve been following the SDMR Podcast, then you have heard this episode already. For those that haven’t, you are in for a treat if you’re a fan of New Balance. In this episode of SDMR (Sneaker Design, Media, and Retail) you get to hear from your host Jacques Slade aka KUSTOO, with partners Brett Golliff, and Clyde Edwards talk about New Balance. It’s a great podcast with loads of information for old and new NB fans. Hear about NB’s beginnings, shoe models, trends, and current progress. It’s informative and will definitely teach you a lot about the Boston company. You can listen to the episode in its entirety at the site or subscribe to it on iTunes to listen to on the go. Nice job guys and thanks to Cylde for the shout out.

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