Vagrant Sneaker For New Balance Fall 2013

vagrant sneaker for new balance

Back in February, I announced that I was working on a photo campaign for New Balance. The project consists of 30 shoes from multiple collections for Fall 2013. I’m thrilled to announce that they are done and have been sent to New Balance for release. You can expect the photos to start popping up something in July from what I was last told. For those asking about the New Balance Excellent Makers video featuring yours truly, that should be out around the same time as the photos. I look forward to hearing feedback, negative and positive, on what you see and hope you enjoy the photos as much as you will enjoy the shoes themselves. to ti ên einai

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Release INFO: ASICS x Ronnie Fieg “New York City” & “Miami Beach”

asics ronnie fieg ecp 1

And here they are. With the announcement of  ECP yesterday, some may have been wondering when the photos for the two major highlights of the collection were coming. I’m talking about the two ASICS inspired by team colors from Miami Beach and New York City. A sort of nod to hometown fans of each state, that will bring out the pride in all of them for the cities they love. Made from quality materials this ASICS ECP pack from Ronnie Fieg is one of his best efforts since his Salmon Toes. At least in my eyes. The simple idea behind these is what sets them apart from his past color-way creations he’s pumped out in the last two years. You’ll see staple accents that he’s known for and even spring forward a couple of new ones to step up the quality. One of those is the microperf nubuck on the “Miami Beach” make-up. Think of it as his signature pigskin perforated toe-box, but on nubuck. The other is implementing a sewn-in memory foam footbed for both pairs. If anyone has any shoes with memory foam, than you understand how much nicer the shoes feel when you walk in them. For those that never experienced memory foam, think Dr. Scholls. You can also expect both flat and round laces to be included, as well as matching pairs of invisible socks created by Stance exclusively for these shoes…

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Sale Alert: Nike Lunar Flyknit Chukka

Nike Lunar Chukka 1

Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker ©2013

UPDATE: The price of the shoes have gone back up to $170. You now only get $20.00 off, instead of the $40.

Here’s a nice Sale Alert coming your way if you’ve been eyeing the Nike Lunar Flyknit Chukka in black, white and neon turquoise. This is a great pair that is very wearable in this color-way and one I highly recommend you pick-up before you regret it later. I almost did, but seeing them in person changed my mine when my homie Demilade wore them. There’s just something about it that makes it more appealing, for me, over the racer, trainer or one; By far, my favorite model of all the Nike Flyknits at the moment. So impressed by them, I had to do a quick photo session to share. Especially since I was carrying my new Nikon D7100. Perfect timing for this sale…

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Release INFO: Ronnie Fieg & KITH Present: The East Coast Project


After many teases from KITH’s very own Ronnie Fieg, the ECP (East Coast Project) lookbook is finally here. Built from collaborated pieces featuring 8 different brands, its a capsule collection that exceeds expectations. Based on team colors, the two pieces that set off the collection is no doubt both ASICS Gel lyte lll’s, “New York City” and “Miami”. These are the color combos that set the stage for all the garments, headwear, luggage and eyewear modeled throughout the photos in the LB. You’ll see exclusive and limited pieces from ASICS, Golden Bear, Stance, Play Cloths, Stampd, Just Don, Tina Catherine, and Herschel Supply Co. Brands we’ve seen work on KITH projects before and some new bringing what they do best. In fact, when you think about it, RF chose specific well known brands to synthesize a collection that will dress you from your feet to your head. Therefore, solidifying a purchase from fans depending on what they tend to like in the ECP collection. Perfect, almost. He’s just missing some underwear.

Those interested in the ASICS will be in for a nice surprise. Both pairs come packaged with matching stance socks, round and flat laces. Also, for the first time these ASICS are fitted with a memory foam footbed. A very much welcomed addition to make these more comfortable. Lets hope this continues in future RF ASICS releases because that adds another good component to the already quality make-ups by RF.

This entire collection will be available first in Miami at a split Pop-up store on May 2nd and than at both Manhattan and Brooklyn KITH shops on May 10th. Note that there will be different time slots for each collection at the Miami venue. The ‘Miami’ side of the store will be open from 11am to 3pm and the ‘New York City’ side of the location, from 4pm to 8pm. You can read more information on each collaborative piece here and also get the address for the Miami Pop-up store. Good luck and have fun because I think this launch in Florida will be the better of the two. Enjoy the photos…

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Customizer: Nike iD x Vagrant Sneaker “Colors Around NYC” PT.1 of 3

new york city, colors in nyc,

I was recently invited by Nike iD to take part in creating a color-way for the new Nike Free iD. In this case, I chose the Nike Free 3.0 iD with its engineered mesh. The session was a 1 on 1 video chat with one of their iD staff members. Knowing that I like to design my color-ways by taking inspiration from around me, they gave me a simple and fun assignment. Go and create photographs that I could translate into a CW for the Nike Free iD. With the word Free in mind, I went about and took photographs of objects that were filled with color in NYC. The outcome is what you see above in the 4 photos. To make it easier, I decided to pick two of the photos for my design. The truck and the light post…

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