NB874C Vagrant Sneaker 1

Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker ©2013

It’s been a long time since I posted one of my New Balance 574 customs. So, here’s one thats been seen if you follow me on instagram. It coincides with the same color-way design from the popular “MNR2” that many people love. The MNR2 is what ultimately allowed me to find the colors that would represent me and this blog. The hues come from my birth sign Pisces and the tarot card associated with my birth date (march 15th), the devil. Taking the colors of hot pink (devil), pacific green (water greens associated with pisces) and some black I created a color-way design inspired by two things. My MNR2 and some color-blocking from some of my AM1 iD’s. It can also be seen as the sister to the MNR2 because technically its sort of a reverse of that color-way. These are the reasons I dubbed this one “Vagrant Sneaker”. Stay tuned for another post shortly for my “Glacier Crystal” NB custom that’s still DS and a year old. Enjoy the little photos I have here. They were taken in Florida on July, 2012. I recently had an HD crash where these photos were and I could only find these lying around…

NB874C Vagrant Sneaker 2

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Make your own New Balance 574 Custom


Pigskin Premium Suede



Hot Pink, Pacific Green and Black

Made proudly in the USA.


NB874C Vagrant Sneaker 5

NB874C Vagrant Sneaker 8


NB874C Vagrant Sneaker 11

DSC_7825 - Version 3

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Customizer: New Balance US574M1 Custom “Vagrant Sneaker”

2 thoughts on “Customizer: New Balance US574M1 Custom “Vagrant Sneaker”

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  2. Nice customs once again. I have just started collecting them myself. 3 pairs so far. My first one is very similar to the navy July 4th 574’s. I’m a huge Red Sox fan so had to make some in the Sox colors even though they were pretty much the same. I gave them a different colored tongue tag and different ID. Second was a pair that are slightly Celtics inspired (kelly green/ white/ grey and black) and the third pair is on the way now. The colors on those were inspired by Corona beer. Navy/ yellow/ white. It’s so much fun creating and the quality is bangin’! I will never buy Asian made N.B’s ever again. Once you have experienced the shape and quality of ‘Made in U.S.A’s’ you’re hooked. They cost more but, as you say, they are worth it. Keep doing your thing. Love the pic’s and info. Peace.

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