hanon saucony shadow master

Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker ©2013

As with Hanon’s “Chosen Few”, I was called upon again to do another shoot for their up and coming collaboration they did with Saucony. I decided to do the entire shoot at night and with only one light source. It was fun, cold and exciting to be producing images again for Hanon, but this not about that. It’s about the Shadow Master. A new take on a lost model stuck away in the Saucony vault up until 2011 that has been slightly altered.

Hanons’ Saucony “Master Control” is something new derived from the old. As mentioned in the first post, Hanon took the upper of the recently revived Saucony Master Control and did a sole swap from the popular Saucony Shadow 5000. A simple idea executed well onto a silhouette most are unfamiliar with. Add a simple color blocking from white, grey to black, and finish it off with a splash of safety orange pop to add a nice gradient-esque flow. Overall, a nice looking shoe with a clean color-way design that has great suede materials, perforated leather, 3m accents and a nylon collar that really makes that orange POP…

hanon x Saucony SM 11

If you don’t already know, the shoe will release this coming Saturday, March 2nd at Hanon-shop’s retail and online stores. No time or other details are available at the moment. Not even if these will make it to the states, but I would assume so or I could be assuming wrong. Enjoy the images I created and hopefully for some on the fence in question, maybe you’ll step over…or not. Whatever the case good luck to all hitting the retail store up in Aberdeen and likewise to all camping for the online orders.

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hanon x Saucony SM 4

hanon x Saucony SM 9

hanon x Saucony SM 8

hanon x Saucony SM 7

hanon x Saucony SM 20

hanon x Saucony SM 6

hanon x Saucony SM 2

hanon x Saucony SM 12

hanon x Saucony SM 10

hanon x Saucony SM 5

hanon x Saucony SM 3

hanon x Saucony SM 13

DSC_5433 (1)

Bonus Detail Images





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Exclusive: Hanon-Shop x Saucony “Shadow Master”

9 thoughts on “Exclusive: Hanon-Shop x Saucony “Shadow Master”

    • Thanks Mate! I hear you. It still carries that Master Control shape but slightly refined. They do look much better on-foot compared to the OG though. I took the old one out the box and realized the difference when I put them side by side.

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  2. Pingback: Exclusive: Saucony x Hanon Shadow Master “The Midnight Runner” | Always Bringing It To You Fresh Out The Box, since 2009

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