This New Balance 574C “Quatro Azules” has been a color-way that’s been on my mind since the AM1 iD debuted again back in 2009. It was about combining a bunch of blue hues together. The two problems I kept running into were, the shoe looked like a STASH wannabe and others had done it already. After some thought, I decided to skip it and move on. The idea got lost, but not forgotten. It once again sparked my interest in 2011 when I was shown an image by someone…

(color corrected so you get an idea of what the true colors are)

The Idea:

My pal Emil from Sweden, aka Measel, who is the creator of the Puma group Forever Fresh showed me a picture of his NB574C. It was made up of three blues with some grey in it. That image sparked my interest again to try to build a color-way using 4 blues. The first thing that popped into my head was how could I combine them together in a unique way. Through trial and error, I came up with the idea of applying the colors from a ‘dark to light’ combination: Almost Navy, Chambray, Fresh Blue and Glacier Blue. Something I felt was very possible considering all the blue hues (5 total) on the New Balance 574 palette. After a few days and plenty of hours with the NB574C build, the design you see above was the outcome. It’s called “Quatro Azules” which translates to “Four Blues”; I chose to name it in spanish because it just sounded nicer.

The result as always is not disappointing. I’m satisfied by the outcome of the design and all the ones before it. It’s takes a lot of time and effort to try and bring out something different and unique every time. I think I accomplished this with “Quatro Azules”. Enjoy the images and at the end I posted an image of the next one, but not the last one. The pictures will be posted once I finish the photo edits. Hopefully next week.

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Make your own New Balance 574 Custom


Pigskin Premium Suede



Fresh Blue – Toe Wrap, Ankle Wrap, Tongue Tag and New Balance Stitch On Heel Tab

Glacier Blue – Mesh and Laces

Chambray – Saddle, Heel Wrap, Heel Tab and USA Stitch On Heel Wrap

Almost Navy – Logo

White – Logo Base

 Made in USA

[Click All Images To View Larger]

This is the next one. I just took some photos of them and once I finish the edits, they will pop up on the blog.

All Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker© 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Customizer: New Balance US574M1 Custom “Quatro Azules”

16 thoughts on “Customizer: New Balance US574M1 Custom “Quatro Azules”

  1. nice pair angel

    the glacier blue is a beautiful color. any idea how the leather option looks?

    happy to see the 996db making its way stateside, no having to go through some japanese site and receiving a possibly radioactive pair lol

    • I havent seen the leather option yet, but I will be trying it out on another custom.😉 It is good to see all the NB models make it stateside. They are making a HUGE splash this year.

  2. My God that colorway is really really nice. I would do up some iDs on NB, too, if I liked the model 574 better. Still, damn nice customization as usual.

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  6. Hey these are nice . I tired making my own but the colors look totally different. Are they suppose to ? how can i order from you

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