Just over a year ago, Solebox did a collaboration with Reebok on the Omni Zone Pump that was only released at Solebox in-store. It received mixed emotions by a lot of fans, but that didn’t stop some people from paying the ridiculous eBay prices. Since this year marks the 10th anniversary of Solebox, they have decided to make a second one. Like the first one, this has lighting built into the side panels of the shoe. Instead of a Orange Light, this one has a green one with an ankle liner to match…

The shoes will release in Mid-April which is very soon. There’s a catch though. As of right now, these will once again release in-store only according to Solebox. So get your hook-ups ready and eBay searching because this one will be very hard to get a hold of and will definitely burn a whole in your pockets. The pursuit begins…

P.S Expect to see quite a few collabs this year from Solebox because of their anniversary. 10 years equals 10 collabs? Just a guess.

Photos were done by El-Tounsy – Photografiie

Preview: Reebok x Solebox Omni Zone Pump Part 2

One thought on “Preview: Reebok x Solebox Omni Zone Pump Part 2

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