On this Size Up, I will compare two New Balance make-ups from one model. Here you will see comparison shots of the NB 1300CL up against the beloved NB 1300JP. Though I know some of you already know who the winner is here, I’m doing this more for reference. For those that don’t know, this will give you a better understanding of two different, but same shoes…

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The NB 1300JP is a very sought after and loved make-up. One of the biggest reasons is the way they are made. From the materials, shape and fit, it’s a shoe that brings back memories of how shoes used to be made. The five year wait is also another big reason; these only release every five years and when they are launched, they are sold out in seconds. As for the NB 1300CL, this is the OG 1996 make-up that a lot of fans also like. Not as much as the 1300JP, but it’s up there.

I was fortunate enough to get both pairs and thought it would be cool to show of the differences between the two. Looking at the above picture you may not notice much, but when you see my images, it’ll all come to light. Remember one thing, I like both pairs equally and don’t judge the shoes because of their popularity. It comes down to what YOU LIKE, not what I say nor what any other bloggers have to say about shoes. Buy what you like, but have some knowledge of what it is your spending your money on. Let’s begin…

New Balance 1300JP

New Balance 1300CL

Looking at the two images above, you can already tell they have different color-ways, mid-soles, N logos, stitching, ankle liner shape, and plastic heel caps. If you look closely, you can tell that there is a difference in shape. Maybe not at first, but as we move forward, you notice the changes…

The next major difference is the shape and cut of the leather ‘N’ side panel logo. The 1300JP has a thicker one as opposed to the 1300CL which has a thinner one. You can catch a glimpse of how much nicer the suede is on the 1300JP. It’s really smooth, whereas the 1300CL has a rougher suede. Notice the double stitching on the heel panel of the 1300JP. The 1300CL has a single stitch. Also, take note of the different laces. You’ll get a better view of them later…

Viewing the inside of the shoe gives you a better impression of how the shape differs from each other. Look at the how much rounder the 1300JP is compared to the almost squared off look of the 1300CL. Look at the stitching of the ankle liner too. Hope you can see what I’m talking about on the shape of both.

The first two are inside shots of the shoe and the third is an outside shot. Here is where you can see how different the mid-soles are and NB Encaps. On the 1300JP, it’s much thicker and higher off the ground than the 1300CL. The 1300JP has a one piece mid-sole and the 1300CL has it in two pieces. If you look at the second image, you can see the differently cut back ankle leather pieces. The 1300JP has a rounder/thinner cut and the 1300CL is squarer/thicker. Here you can view the double stitching on the 1300JP and the single stitched 1300CL heel panels. The plastic heel caps are very different in size and there are more lines on the 1300JP. The NB etched logo is quite different too. The ‘R’ that stands for ‘register’ is missing on the 1300CL. Notice it on the 1300JP. The images also give you another nice impression of both suedes that make up the shoes.

This is the back of the shoe and the biggest difference is the double vs single stitched heel panels. Also, the illusion of the longer heel panel on the 1300CL cause by the lower plastic heel cap.

The front of the shoe has some subtle differences between the two. First and you can’t tell from the images, the mesh on the 1300CL is shinier than the 1300JP. The front of the eyestay on the 1300JP has different stitching than the stitching on the 1300CL. Look at the tip of the outsoles on the second image. The 1300JP has a square one and the 1300CL comes to a point. On the second picture you can also see the different weaved laces.

Here’s a top view of the shoes. Notice the different tongue tags on the second picture and how much more leather rides up on to the mesh of the 1300CL in the third picture.

It pretty obvious, but the 1300JP has a leather ankle liner and the 1300CL has a more traditional cotton one. Personally, I like the leather one more. Some people don’t like the feel of it or how sometimes it squeaks. I haven’t had any squeaking problem and I just prefer the feel of the leather.

The out-soles are totaly different. This is another turning point for the 1300JP that comes with a Vibram one. At my age, it will probably out last me. Unfortunately, no one uses these type of out-soles anymore, but bringing back this classic to it’s original roots was a must with this out-sole. I’m also guessing it’s still expensive to put on a shoe.

On this Size Up, I hope you now see the differences between two loved and classic running shoes Made In The USA by New Balance. Now, when you hear people complain about the shape of shoes, you may understand it better by what I was able to show you with this reference guide. For me, I prefer the 1300JP as will many others. I like the overall shape and fit of the 1300JP so much more than the 1300CL. I went with an 11 on the 1300JP because I was told that it came to a truer fit overall. So going by that, I bought the 1300CL at an 11. It fits fine luckily, but you can get away with a half size down on the 1300CL.

You can also still get the 1300CL, but I’m sure they only have a few sizes left especially given the price of $120 compared to when they released earlier this year of the upward reseller prices of $300. I went to the David Z flagship store in Soho, NYC and they also still had some sizes left there. As for the 1300JP, you can find them on ebay and some online retailers, but look to spend some heavy cash on them. I hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to reading your opinions…

Photography By Vagrant Sneaker©. All rights Reserved.

Size Up: New Balance 1300 JP Vs CL 2010 Retros

9 thoughts on “Size Up: New Balance 1300 JP Vs CL 2010 Retros

  1. nice right up. i dont have the trained eye to notice the differences. but after this post they are clear as day. i love my cl’s, i do want some jp’s, 11.5 if i get lucky. i do have the green 1400’s from j crew on order.

  2. Good blow by blow descript of the two great shoes… You were right about going half size down on the CLs, they fit way better that way. Regretted on passing up the opportunity on getting the JPs… Should have gotten them after fitting them at the JCrew Liquor Store in Tribeca. Fortunately I was able to snag a pair of the CLs!!!

  3. What are the chances of me finding some JPs, size 11.5? Where would I even start looking?

    My wife copped some 1400s, some colorway as the JPs for $20 at our local outlet. Im still jealous.

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