PSE: Nike Air Max 1 “Solar Red” WMNS – 2010

I’ve wanted these since release. Problem is, it’s a woman’s color-way Air Max 1 and hard to find in a size 12 (men’s 10 1/2). After a couple of months searching, another shop got their stock in. Without thinking, I rushed to buy them. Reason is that, I don’t think these will release over here in the US. Read on…

Now, you may be wondering what the hell am I doing with these right? lol Well, I like the way the Solar Red color looks. Yes, it’s a Bright Pink but it actually falls somewhere along the lines of the Infrared color. Can’t say that this will look good on others, but I actually pulled them off with the right gear; I’m just saying.

I’m not going to front either. When I first got them, the color did through me off a bit. That’s because the pictures posted online diluted the product when compared to the actual shoe. But, after I wore them, I liked them a lot. Especially the fact that these have a gummy bottom. Something I haven’t seen on an Air Max 1 in a while. It’s a good quality one at that (so good to see Nike using it again). Now use it on a men’s release Nike. You can also notice that the toe-box on these are really good compared to recent and Nike iD Air Max 1’s releases. A trend I hope continues with up and coming AM1’s.

I only took a few pictures of the shoe, but this time I included two on foot. I also tried to capture the feeling of these shoes by the way of the color and what the word Solar stands for in three of the captures. So enjoy the images I guess.

…aint nutin’ wrong with liking Pink right?

Available to buy at Purchaze. Thanks Peter!

Condition – Dead Stock
Color-way – Slr Red/White-Swd-Gm- Light Brwn
Style Number – 319986 600
Year – 2010
Size – Wmns 12= Mns 10 1/2
Made in Vietnam

[Click images for larger view. On my Flickr also.]

This image below was taken with flash so you can see the gummy bottom better.

Photography by Vagrant Sneaker©. All rights reserved.

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