2016 Blog Reset

Just a really quick post. I’ll be relaunching the site soon (Looking at March). I’ve been too busy now-a-days to sit down and blog like I used too. But, Im in the process of getting a new template for the blog and working on fresh and different content. This year, I’ll  get back on the horse.

Anyway, I hope your new year has started out good. See you soon and stay safe.



Exclusive: Saucony x END. Grid 9000 “White/Noise”

end saucony white noise

Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker ©2015

END. drops a SNKR banger two months before the new year and I have happen to have  a pair right before they go live online (in about 3hours). They came shipped in a crazy kool ass clear sneaker box too. One you can see through with white lettering of the collaboration  on the top and sides of the lid. To top it off, the shipping box came with the collar name on the lid also. Talk about details. This one is surely not to be missed because it looks great in person and on -foot. Here are some exclusive images off foot and on…

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Interview: stoops2stages – Angel “Vagrant Sneaker” Gonzalez


Here’s a snippet of a candid interview I did a few months back for stoops2stages. We talked about photography, how I got started with it and gave advice on the subject. I also brought along kidkutsmedia​ since he was visiting NY around the same time I was doing this…

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Release INFO: Reebok x END Ventilator “Husky”


Feeling rather chilly right now as I write this post. That’s because my trek to the Arctic to check out the Husky by END. had me running back to my igloo for some warmth. It was a beautiful sight to see, so I had to come back and share my experience. END’s Husky looked young and vibrant. It had a double coat of suede through out it’s upper body looking very lush. Two details that stood out while I was petting the ‘Husky’ were it’s pale blue eyes accented on the laces eyelets and parts of the outsole. The other was the Huskys tongue constantly sticking out. You can notice the color of it on the ankle liner, tongue and parts of the outsole. It’s definitely an interesting creature to look at and well worth the trip. Unfortunately, only a few will be able to get their chance at a look…

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camerasNsneakers: Nike Air Presto


Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker ©2015

PRESTO! One of my all time favorite silhouettes from Nike. I’ve been doing a photo campaign for a brand and I needed something comfortable for the days that I’m out and about. There are only a hand full of shoes I personally like to wear for hours on in at a photo session. One of those is the Nike Air Presto because the comfort level is awesome on this model. During the last session of the day, I decided to take some photos for a cameras N sneakers post. Enjoy the rest of the images and stay tuned for my pictures of the recently released black Presto QuickStrike BR make-up…

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