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“The original shoes with pockets”. Man, memories stir of the many KangaROOS pairs I had. Negative and positive. Fast forward many years later and we now see the brand up front and center. Within the last couple of years they’ve been busy reintroducing their shoes to the market with some strong collaborations. The above is a beautiful example of that. Overkill shop teamed up with KangaROOS on the Coil-R1 to collaborate and create the ‘Abyss’ color-way. Inspired by the depths of the sea, the shoe will come dressed with premium nubuck leather throughout the upper. For better breathability, the top of the toe box, tongue and side panels will be perforated. A nice touch that gives some nice separation between the silhouettes panels. To give the navy hue a nice contrast and keep with the idea of the CW, they added a baby blue hue to the side logos, ankle liner tongue tag and Overkill Logo on the heel tap. To make the shoe a little more distinct, the KangaROOS hop logo on the side is decorated with chenille. An accent that distinguishes itself from your ordinary KangaROOS logo on the Coil-R1..

overkill kangaroo 10

Right off the bat, I know some will not look twice at this shoe. Not because of the make-up, but because of the brand. KangaROOS is not appealing to many in this sneaker culture at the moment, but with collaborations like this and others in the past, the brand should see a wider audience in the coming years. For me, it’s refreshing to see the Coil-R1 get a clean and premium make-up like this. Not only is it done in a tasteful manner, but with a color combo that’s appealing, I see no reason why this shoe shouldn’t be on anyones radar. Well done Overkill.

To make it even more enticing, the shoe will be produced to only 200 pairs worldwide. That means very few and select stockists will have them. Overkill will also have a pre-release party for the shoe on August 23rd (tomorrow). You can view the details over on their FB page. If interested the shoe will be available at Overkill shop on the 24th of August, their online store, and Footpatrol in-store only. U.S. shop Bodega will also drop them this coming Saturday in-store only. To all those interested in this nice collaboration, like myself, good luck on grabbing a pair.

“Bob Gamm was getting frustrated with where he should keep his loose change and keys whilst he went out for his daily 10k run. He developed a pair of athletic shoes containing a small zippered pocket to hold his all important belongings. The original shoes with pockets was thus created.”

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  1. HeavyCake says:

    I seriously want these. Hopefully someone will be hooking me up with them… Fingers Crossed, Touch Wood… and so on.

  2. Mesh_Only says:

    Hey VS,

    Mad respect for covering these shoes on your site. I’ve been looking at these Abyss beauties since beginning of summer and I’m surprised there has been really no love and/or coverage put out for these yet. They are SO CLEAN. Like you said it’s because they’re Roos. It’s a shame though if they had Fiegs name attached to them, the hypebeast would be all over these. How amazing that only 9 years ago people turned their noses up at asics the same way before the collab era began. Hopefully w/ Overkill joining Patta in the Roos collab effort the brand will get more attention.

    • It is shame that people are not really paying attention to them like they should. I think people will look back at this collab and regret not getting it when future collaborations happen. In fact, there is one in the works that will surprise people. I bet when that happens, more people will start paying attention to ROOS. That is if they do it right.

      You are right, its amazing what one man and hype can do to a product no one cared about for years. You can’t hate on RF for that. He definitely pushed ASICS visibility on a mass level. My first ASICS was his collab back in 2008. lol Hopefully though, when these start showing up around on people’s feet some will start regretting not paying attention to them. But thats good for me because it’ll give me a better chance at grabbing them. :)

      • Mesh_Only says:

        Indeed. I have no hate for RF. He followed a dream and saw it to fruition. And I agree not getting these will be regrettable. The materials on these look exquisite, and the model choice is solid. The good thing about people sleeping on this Coil R1 release at Overkill will be it gives buyers like you and me a better chance to buy them at retail without the site crashing moments after release. For example last weeks release for the “Three lies” at Concepts. I was fortunate to buy a pair from their site 1 min after release before the site was down for nearly two days.

        Really interested in the next Roos Collab, can’t wait til new details are posted on them :)

        Going forward it’s my hope that Roos come up will inspire more support for other brands like Pony. Pony had a great collab w/ Acht Amersterdam this year using the M-100, Arguably the best high-top collab release this year IMO. They used Superb materials like Denim, genuine tumbled leather, pig skin suede and a gum bottom very nice.

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