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Mr. Ronnie Fieg is back at it again. After his successful ECP drop it was only a matter of time before we saw his next ASICS launch. This time he takes the ASICS Gel Lyte lll through another story from his love of Miami, Florida. A tale we also saw by his drop of the GLlll “Miami”. Dubbed the “Flamingo”, after the actual animal, RF says the grey/beige nubuck upper is a representation of the bird before it turns pink or orange. The salmon hints on the tiger stripes out-sole tip, laces, and other accents mimic the birds color of pink or orange. You’ll also see a nice contrast from hints of blue through out the silhouette that could be part of the beautiful blue water of Florida. Noted features in this premium shoe come by the way of two new highlights. One we saw on the ECP ASICS by way of the very much welcomed memory foam footbed. This added a much needed comfort to the GLlll because it’s one of the least comfortable retro running models out there. The other has RF finally moving away from his favorite cotton ankle lining. A neoprene material replaces it and makes it stand out a bit more by adding to the already premium suede on the shoe. A nice compliment and one I personally prefer. Cotton isn’t always the best. Sometimes you have to venture beyond the common practice…

ronnie fieg asics flamingo 1

This RF ASICS is everything we would expect from the house that built KITH. Premium material, after premium material, after premium material. Seeing two new accents is also a pleasant surprise to the common ground. But, my first impression of the shoe wasn’t a good one. First, It didn’t help that the many photos through social networks and blogs diluted the shoe compared to what it is here. Many people were asking, “What is the color of the shoes upper?”. Seeing all those photos of light and dark uppers and over saturated colors gave some a rather dreary look at the shoe. Including myslef. It also strongly reminds me of an old CW of his. I’m talking about the RF Rose Gold GTll. This reminds me of that colorway, but reversed. I will however give him brownie points for moving away in creating another single tone shoe with a single contrast hue. Even though I’m not a fan of this one, it doesnt look half bad. Not his best. In fact, far from it. It is strange though that he would use this shoe to take a break from releasing more ASICS GLlll’s. A jester I think is necssary for him, so he could focus more on his clothing line, other shoe collaborations from other brands and other ASICS models. It’s been somewhat of a pop corn ride to see what ASICS CW he will drop month after month or if he will topple the following year with better releases. I think it’s that time to put the ASICS GLlll aside and move forward because the fans will be here waiting regardless of what CW you put out or how ever long it takes to dish out the next drop. But, come back hard and wow the fans with stronger ideas.

For those salivating at this pair get ready to drop your pants this coming Friday, August 2nd. The time will be at at 11am EST at both Kith NYC stores (Manhattan and Brooklyn) and For the store release there were tickets given out at both KITH locations. If you didn’t get one, don’t even bother heading down to line up. As always, limited quantities where produced and they will retail for $150 US. Good luck and let’s see some photos on IG of people eating shrimp with their ASICS Flamingos on. Maybe they will turn pink or maybe you will. Enjoy the photos and I look forward to one day seeing the Mossad drop after these later in the year. Oh yes please! Make that happen RF. Peace.

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  1. aclasschris says:

    One of the things that continually fascinates me with RF releases are the extremes in opinions. The opinions are pretty black and white from hypebeast-esque obsession to borderline violent hate. I think people are too caught up with the individual behind the shoe’s color way. Honestly, who cares about Ronnie? At the end of the day he’s just another business owner/creative personality in the fashion world putting out a product to make a profit and further his brand. I think he’s taken too much to the role of celebrity, as have most “brand owners” in the street wear industry. Blame social media and too much consumer access, but I sincerely hope these brands will start letting their products do the talking. The first step is to let people have their opinions. No one is really concerned with the “struggle” or how much effort it takes to meet with a company like ASICS to develop a new colorway and oversee the manufacturing process. What they care about is what they’re getting for their money. My belief is that if you’re going to spend $150+ on a pair of sneakers, you have every right to critique the product. You never hear from Jordan Brand when people complain about the quality or New Balance when they release a whack color way (which there have been a lot of in 2013).

    I’m just not into this shoe. It’s lazy. Why isn’t their a perforated nubuck in place of the mesh panels that come standard on all ASICS’s general releases? Why has the (frankly) ugly blue webbing been left behind the tiger stripes? If you’re going to create a special, limited production shoe, it should feel like one. Everyone’s doing “nubuck uppers” these days. If ASICS ever did an ID option like Nike or New Balance, these RF collabs wouldn’t feel very special anymore. I was never a fan of the St. Alfreds GL III but at least they took some steps towards making the design of the shoe more unique.

    For me shoes are like a work of art and everyone’s going to have an opinion. As a business owner he should take some of that “feedback” and “critique” to heart instead of telling everyone that has an opinion to “fuck off”.

    I’ve heard rumblings about a potential Avia collaboration in the future and that intrigues me. RF should be using his name to inject new life into forgotten brands like Avia, Etonic and Diadario in the future instead of lingering around the safe bet – the GL III. Unfortunately this one is a pass for me.

    • Well, thats what the wonderful world of social media started. All of a sudden people wanna have their opinions heard in the comments section. I remember when no one ever left comments on any of the major blogs. All of sudden, they are riddled with comments and mostly all negative. Like they can do better. If the case, why are they still behind the keyboard wasting time and leaving comments daily on blogs? It’s like forum ‘Trolls’ have graduated to the blogs.The worst part about it is that there’s so much negativity around what they leave. It’s so much easier to do that, over respecting someones else’s work and saying something positive. I guess people prefer a reaction to the negativity over the positivity.

      I think the hate towards RF comes from more than his ASICS releases. But I do believe it’s way fucking overboard man. is the perfect example of that. Every time I read the comments there I have a laugh. People really go in on all the posts. Especially when it’s a brand or designer, or music artists. I know no one is safe, but when does it become clear that these people don’t do what they do for the trolls in the comments section? Ronnie didn’t make these ASICS for them. It’s for the people that like his stuff. Hate all you want, it’ll sell out regardless of what ever they say. All these people want is attention in the comments section and wanna feel like they have a voice. Yeah… Such a waste of time and effort from these idiot trolls.

      Unfortunately some do get offended by it or get mad. I know RF does sometimes. Who wouldn’t at one point. But, sometimes they have to value the opinions of others when it comes to a post like mine. I’m honest and will say what I want to say. I’m not held by any corporate hand and no one is safe. Look at when I laughed at a picture that John Buscemi of Gourmet put up on his IG. I laughed and said it looked like a shadow in the sky (It was suppose to be a guy floating in the air) and he was saying how nice it was. This was after he said to explain why I “LOL” in the comments section. After my honest explanation, he deleted my comments after I wrote them. I asked why he did that if he asked me to explain and than proceeded to block me. Man, If I had more time to do posts and it paid me, I would make my blog like a ‘Geraldo Rivera’.

      Like you say, I’m tired of seeing so many bland collabs that could be better. That’s not to say I could do it better, but if you are designing a make-up/CW and you have access to many options, why would you short change yourself? Look at what SNS is doing with Reebok. They alone can prove that it can be done and done well. The problem is when you see RF stick to certain colors and single tone color-ways. It gets boring after the first few and you are right. If ASICS would come out wit an iD you could make better color-ups than what he’s put out. That’s why I gave him props on this one because he went out of his comfort zone. I still don’t personally like it, but others do. Thats where it ends. Opinions are what they are. Not everyone will like you or your product. Just don’t be an asshole about and start to say “Fuck their opinions” because if you are like that then you are living in a world of ass kissing people that say” Oh yeah, Thats dope” just so they don’t offend you. I cant even imagine when people start to say how his Mossad looks like the Undefeated 4. Oh boi. I can see it now.

      But yeah, I’m glad he’s putting the GLlll away. He beat that dead horse to the ground. I hope he works on the ASICS V or Epirus. Have a feeling it’s the V though. Many fans looking forward to that one. Avia would be kool and he would make it ‘kool’ to wear and acceptable to these people that have no clue about the brand.

  2. […] different leather materials and the color blocking work well here. In fact, this is what his “Flamingos” should’ve been. It almost feels like a distant cousin, especially considering both are […]

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