DELAYED indefinitely. Read the info at Foot Patrol 

Footpatrol is back at it again this year with their next collaboration piece on the Saucony Shadow 6000. Taking inspiration by their surroundings, they have built a color-way based on the atmosphere where Footpatrol is located, Soho. Taking some interesting cues off the neon lights in the area and the red window lights at night (Red Light District for those living under rocks), they chose to suite up the silhouette in blue, red and black hues; The blue is a representation of the neon lights, the red 3M for the red lights and the black depicts the mystery of what they call the ‘unseen’. The model is also compromised from a lush suede upper, 3M reflect and a leather ankle lining. They even dressed the mid-sole with some splatter envisioned by the dirty side streets. These are some notable materials and accents that will make this make-up stand out and appealing to fans…

Footpatrol’s idea behind this make-up is quite nice. They tell a story about their surroundings by using different materials as accents through some recent ‘popular color blocking’ being used by a lot of brands. The application of 3M is spot on, as well as the splatter. An accent I personal like, but hardly utilized by many. I do wish however that they had used the mid-sole from the Shadow 5000. I’ve never been a fan of this mid-sole, but it does look better here because the splatter does accentuate it a bit. Being a fan of dark tones with a sense of pop color, Footpatrol pulled this one out the bag on point. Well done guys.

If interested, you will be able to pick these up May 3rd 2013 at the Footpatrol’s retail location and online store. No price has been set nor have any details been released on how you will be able to do online orders. But, they will release that info in the coming days.

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  2. […] collabs as of late. The two that have stuck out for me are their LeCoq Sportiff Eclat and this. A shoe delayed right after it’s announcement in April of this year. Almost 7 months later we finally see it […]

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