As soon as New Balance updated their NB 574 Custom palette, I ordered a pair. This was the result of a couple of hours of brainstorming with the two new colors, Pacific Green and Hot Pink. This has been a color-way that I’ve always wanted to do another iD builder, but could never get it right. This time, I think I did with this design and I’m very happy with the end result…

This image is color corrected to give you a real life idea of the two hues, Pacific Green and Hot Pink

[View On Black]

The Idea:

This idea comes from my very first iD I did named Mid-Night Rose. I thought the colors worked out so well, that I wanted to do one by replacing the Blue with Green, but on a different design. Not being successful because of many reasons, I tried to do it again with the New Balance 574 Custom. Voila!


I really like dark colors with pop on top. This is no different. Through my many designs of trying to come up with the right pop and accent for the Hot Pink, the above is the result of many hours of clicking on the NB 574 builder. At first, I wasn’t sure if the Hot Pink would be too bright and over take the design with too much pop, but I was wrong. The Hot Pink isn’t as bright as you may think. It almost looks like a Magenta. The Pacific Green looks really good with it as I assumed it would. There are only two area with the Hot pink too. The Big N side logo and the embroidery New Balance on the back of the achilles notch. The rest was dressed with Black for the Saddle, Toe Wrap, Ankle Wrap, Tongue Tag, Laces and Lining. It also has the words USA on the heel in White.

There is one choice that I would have loved to see, but chose to go with a different one. That is with the Heel tab. I almost wish I would have made it Black instead of Pacific Green. I think the shoe would probably look better. I’ll just have to leave that idea for my next 574 custom. ;)


After seeing the shoe in person, I’m very excited about it. The colors worked very well together and my two year old vision was finally brought to life. It’s also great to finally see the “Made In USA” embroidery on the tongue tag. It was missing on the last two 574’s I own and I did mention it in my review. I’m sure a lot of you are excited about this, as I am. In any case, enjoy my image blast and stay tuned for the next one. Also, check out my Flickr for some images that are not here.

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Make your own New Balance 574 Custom


Premium Suede

Full Grain Leather



Pacific Green

Hot Pink



Made in USA

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Here’s a little bonus… When I was taking my shots to get my exposure right, this Bee comes flying by into my image. Definitely put a smile on my face.
New Balance 574 Custom "#3"
All Photography By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker© 2011. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. dj mars says:

    Those r so clean bro…wow!

  2. loverly maaan! got two make-ups on hold witem new options, can’t wait…. good work on yours A!

  3. Optimal says:

    First time ive posted b but i have to say that these made me decide to want to pull the trigger on my customs! Absolutly sweet! If theres a kind hearted american out there who wouldnt mind hooking a british brother up then drop me a line @ (not sure if im allowed to drop en email on your site so sorry in advance if im not) Sweet work again b!

  4. konradsk says:

    Bee-autiful photos ;)

    Superb c/w too, probably the best shoe I’ve seen in a long while
    I was hoping to use that Green myself in a similar make-up, but seeing these has changed me from Yellow to the pink… Hopefully I can get a hook-up on a couple of pairs… Looks great

    • Thanks Konrad. I’ve been practicing a lot shooting for Ronnie Fieg. You may like some of the images I did for him recently. They will be posted on the live web store for KITH.

      The green is really nice. I almost want to use it again on another design, but I want an all black pair and something with orange in it. I kinda want to do a grey/pink pair too. Hard to decide. It’s nice to have all these color options now.

  5. djmars404 says:

    u r going to send me back to the drawing board…i have some ill ones i havent posted the pictures of jest yet.

  6. PEST says:

    Hey vagrant, did u get these in a US 10.5 hence a UK 10 (in New Balance sizing) is that correct? i just want to make sure if I order these in a US10.5 that I’m not getting a UK 9.5

    • Yeah, I did get them in UK 10 (US 10 1/2). The other thing I forgot to mention is that these seem a little tighter than the other two 574 Customs I have. Hopefully they stretch out because my toes are at the very front of the toe box.

  7. uncle says:

    I’m gonna need to make these in this exact CW, sorry homie! *haha

    take it as a compliment ….

    • All good my man. Your not the only that’s doing it ;) I always take it as a compliment. Why wouldn’t anyone? There are a lot of folks that copy my c/w’s that I’ve created. It started when I did my very first Nike iD where this comes inspired from. It’s humbling to know someone would actually spend their hard earned money on ordering a shoe in any one of the c/w’s that I have. Definitely puts a smile on my face. Enjoy it! Looking forward to seeing your images.

      Wait until you see the other one.

      • Clement says:


        you really wouldn’t mind if people replicate the exact CW?!

        “wait until you see the other one” a lil teaser eh…. saw your comments on being able to work hand in hand with Ronnie Fieg, how is like working with him? is his personality as nice as the upcoming ascis gt ii Rose golds?

        dont get me wrong, as a fan of his, i’m just curious to know what its like working with him, although i know its really a honour though.

      • Actually Clement, I don’t think it was an honor working with him. KITH is about one person, not a team. That alone should explain everything.

      • jose says:

        Do you knoe if i cloud cop a pair?

  8. big rod says:

    Yo Vagrant,
    I normally don’t post comments on anyone’s blog but I’ve become a huge fan of your photography. Your photos of the Burnt Orange NBxJCrew 1400s led to me purchasing those and like the gentleman above, I had to copy these IDs from you too. Looking forward to your post of the other IDs you mentioned:) Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks for the compliments Big Rod. I have a lot of stuff coming up from a photography standpoint. Some of the stuff I did for Ronnie Fieg came out really good. Can’t wait for him to start posting it. Hope your enjoying those J.Crews, as well as these.

      The next NB 574 comes in a Black, Grey, and Hot Pink c/w. Think it came out pretty good.

  9. mrc says:

    hands donw the most attractive pair of new balances ive ever seen.

  10. Jake Pulver says:

    I’m not much of a NB guy, but I saw someone’s copy of this ID on Sole Collector, and I must say, they are amazing! Great job on both the colorway and the photo work, as usual!

  11. L555BAT says:

    Amazing. Made in USA NB’s are far superior to the crap that is coming out of Flimby these days. Just a shame I can’t buy these. Why is it so difficult to buy from The US? It’s so easy for those in America to purchase from here in The UK with so many places doing cheap international shipping (Size?, Crooked Tongues, End Clothing, Hanon….) Really pisses me off.

  12. Doug says:

    Props homie!! Beautiful c/w on these, nice work!

  13. Simyon says:

    daaaamn nice
    good work man

  14. tonya says:

    Where can I buy these?

  15. W says:

    What part of the shoe uses full grain leather?

  16. samantha says:

    are you selling them

  17. samantha says:

    how much is it to just customize your own ?

  18. Danny says:

    I loved the colors , a very unique idea , I was just wondering what material was the black full gain leather ?

  19. Clint says:


  20. chelsey says:

    I fell in love once I seen them! how could i get a pair? customize them the same?

  21. […] if you follow me on instagram. It coincides with the same color-way design from the popular “MNR2” that many people love. The MNR2 is what ultimately allowed me to find the colors that would […]

  22. Mina says:

    Hi ! I can buy this shoes ?

  23. […] on a new New Balance 574 Custom and view 2 other customs which includes the massively popular NB574 “MNR2″ . Also note that my equipment has change since this video. I know shoot with a D7100 and my post […]

  24. marissa says:

    ooooomg where can i buy themm ? :D

  25. Tina says:

    I am desperate for a pair of these do u know If could possibly get any to the uk :( there has to b some way! :(

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