The premier New Balance x J.Crew M1400 project is back again this year. In 2010 they released a dual pack of shoes that were quite nice. Today, they have released five colors for you to choose from in high grade premium materials only found and Made In The USA. After the break you’ll get to see all five colors, purchase details and a video that you may or may not have seen…

For 2011, J.Crew presents their next collaboration effort with the iconic and Asian specific model, the New Balance M1400. Finally making its appearance in the US due to J.Crew and because of the popularity of their first release, a new collection emerges from the ranks. The domestically tanned leathered shoe now comes in some eye-catching color-ups. You still have the Navy and Pine Green color-ways, but now included into the mix are a Black C/W, Raw Steel C/W and a Rusted Orange C/W. Out of the these three new ones, the Black pair can be bought right now. As for the Raw Steel, you can expect them to be shipped to you on 2.14.2011 and the Rusted Orange on 2.21.2011 once orders are placed.

My favorite pair and the “Fresh Out The Box” choice goes to the Rusted Orange. Think it’s a great color-up for the Spring weather coming and the subtle Grey accents throughout give the shoe a clean look. Hopefully I can grab a pair, after my big purchase next week, for a Fresh Look. Good Hunting…

Available at J.Crew online, J.Crew Liquor Store, and J.Crew Boston.

Box price = $130.00

Online Domestic Shipping = FREE

Online International Shipping Options = Canada and Japan.

Watching videos like the above, put a big smile on my face.

All Images Edited By Angel Gonzalez/Vagrant Sneaker©.

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15 responses »

  1. They’re really nice mate….but I must resist….bought far too many sneaks recently

  2. Louie says:

    Ordered the grays last night. I already have the navy and green. They are a nice silhouette

    • Question Louie??? How do these fit? Did you go with your true size or go with an H size?

      • Louie says:

        I ordered my true size. I wear 11.5 in 577, 996, 998, 1300 and my first two 1400s as well. I for the most part can order 11.5 and be safe. The only time it didnt work out too well was with the black 577 estate’s, they were snug. I think it was a quality issue cause the green estate’s had fit fine.

  3. Doug says:

    MIIIEEEEERRRDDAAAAA!!! Holy crap my coffee almost came out of my nose.. lol.. They didn’t even give me a chance to pick up the blue pair yet.. Two words- “tax return”.. Now just gotta figure out of way to “sneak em” so the wife doesn’t notice.. lmao!!

    Love x5 for me!! ALL 5 colors are dope and proper in their own way! But for now will try and snag the blue and black.. Nice post V, did you get my email?

  4. Andre mackdre775 says:

    Got the Pines, Def ordering the greys soon. great quality

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  7. hi guys

    im from Australia.. The only way to get these is if somebody scores them for me..Now is $220 expensive for these..Meaning are these Limited or are the general realease???

    thx Guys

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