“So what happened to all the Flight Clubs in New York?”, may be a questions some consumers may be asking when they show up to the Flight Nassau Street, Flight Club Lafayette Street, and Flight Club Greene Street. What happened was that they closed down two locations, Nassau and Lafayette. They kept Green street opened for used shoes and consignment apparel. But not all is lost… on August 30, 2010, Flight Club Broadway opened it’s doors to flooding consumers. With a space so huge, it makes any of their locations looks like a child’s play sandbox. Check one of the world’s largest sellers, of some of the hottest and rarest shoes after the break…

Yesterday, I went to NYC to make a few stops. My second stop led me to Flight Club’s new location at 812 Broadway. Upon entering the store through it’s two splitting massive doors, I was greeted by a glimpse of some of the 1300+ shoes on the wall (largest in the world I would think). But what caught my eye even more, was how big the retail location is. From the high ceilings, beautiful wood floors, brick walls, to the ridiculous fitted caps wall, right down to the two large windows in the back area customer service desk that had a small green yard. Above the service desk was even a metal basketball hoop and a ceiling windows. Impressive…

Below you will see the pictures I took from entering the store to exiting. Giving you a 360 look of the spot as best I could. I also included a panoramic picture that shows the main wall that houses most of the shoes.

If your anywhere close to New York City, I urge any sneaker enthusiasts or anyone interested in shoes, to stop by the store and check it out for yourself. Walking around the place made me feel like a little kid in a candy store. Enjoy the best captures on the net…

Flight Club

812 Broadway

Between 11th and 12th

New york. New York

Phone#  888.937.8020

Flight Club Online

This is the left had side wall by the back customer service are desk. It houses mostly Jordans.

The one above, upon entering the building, is on the right side. This one houses, Air Max 1, Dunks, Air Force 1’s and some more Jordans.

Look at the massive Fitted caps wall. Is there any bigger than this in the world? Please let me know.

My panoramic effort. This gives you an idea on huge the places is.

Photography by Vagrant Sneaker©. All rights reserved.

About Vagrant Sneaker

Freelance Fashion Photographer, Blogger and Writer. Creator of the Flickr Group, "Keep The Shoes On Your Feet". "Changing The Way Shoes Are Presented"

24 responses »

  1. Kickmatic23 says:

    Thanks for the pics man… I was wondering what the new location looked like.. it def looks like its worth a visit

  2. eileen says:

    are they still open? i can’t get a reach of them, anyone know their store phone number, i appreciated your help..

  3. saget says:

    I ordered shoes because I desperately needed them its been weeks still havent received them. Can you help

  4. JL says:

    Good article, i cannot wait to see this store only 140 days till i get to New York lol. I plan to go see this store as soon as

  5. ALAN80S says:

    HEY Vargant love your photos, what kind of camera do you shoot with

  6. rob says:

    Flight club sucks when it comes to ordering online. If you dont get them from flight club store physically dont even bother

  7. Son of solo says:

    Every time ( more than once ) I’ve been to flight club they were closed, or moving. Although next time I’m in NYC I’ll have a look… There prices are mental though

  8. brian says:

    So I understand ordering online is a problem. Has anybody done any consignment (sold shoes to them) without going to the New York store?

  9. leito fernandez says:


  10. Marcus says:

    I ordered some Jordan cement 4’s and y’all website gave me a conformation number,I went check the order and it says it not registered with either FedEx or USPS!

  11. BUG says:

    how do you find out if a pair of jordans sold. the sell.flightclub.com does not let you check the status of your account.

  12. Christian barrows says:

    Do you guys have air Jordan concord 11
    GS size 6.5

  13. Lorena says:

    worst customer service ever.

  14. Jeff Besthoff says:

    I ordered a pair of shoes a month ago
    And still have not received them????

  15. Jeff Besthoff says:


  16. asante cotman says:

    this number stays busy!

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